24.-27.5. 2023

International Fire Fighting Equipment and Services Fair

FRP Services, s.r.o.


FIREPORT – Firefighter’s best friend

We provide a maximal service to volunteer firefighters in case of calling and information delivery for already 8 years. We develop and supply our own devices and services providing firefighters care even before they leave their firehouse. Many years of experience and development at a real life firehouse enabled us to deliver firefighters flexible, affordable and powerful tool at the same time.

Services in a pocket and at a firehouse available even for the smallest fire brigades

You can utilize one of the fastest SMS gateways and the smartest phone servers in Czech Republic and Slovakia for calling your fire brigade by next day. It doesn’t matter how large is your fire brigade. Neither 10 nor 50 firefighters are not an obstacle for FIREPORT – all your people know about an incident within 10 seconds. You have immediate overview about the fire brigade readiness thanks to the smartphone app (Android + iOS). There is no additional equipment at the firehouse, it’s already prepared as a service in your pocket.

Optionally there is an LCD display showing incident details, map and firefighter’s feedback, speakers in the cloakroom tell you what’s going on, printer awaits you with the printed command, siren sounds,
lights are turned on, gate is opening… All of these FIREPORT can do.


  • calling over SMS/voice call/smartphone app for Android and iOS
  • feedback from firefighters (included in the voice call and smartphone app)
  • LCD display with the incident details and map
  • spoken word (text-to-speech feature)
  • printer with the command and incident details
  • flexible control of siren, lights, compressor, gateway…
  • feedback for the dispatch officer (commanding center)
  • optional manual fire brigade calling
  • bulk SMS service (invitations, training, informations…) |

PAV F 040

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