24.-27.5. 2023

International Fire Fighting Equipment and Services Fair

INTE, s.r.o.


Fire and explosion protection of technology equipment

Company INTE mainly focuses on detection and suppression of fire in technological equipment, Detection and Extinguishing of sparks and glowing particles in transport systems and Fire Alarm Signalisations in specific applications.

The GreCon spark detection system was especially developed and designed to detect and suppress possible sources of fire outbreak in exhausting and transport ducts, filters, silos, bunkers and other transport systems.

The GreCon system allows detection of sparks and hot particles, their extinguishing or separation in exhaust ducts and other transport systems. It prevents sparks and hot particles from penetrating filters and silos where they could cause a fire or explosion.

GreCon has developed several versions of their own IR spark and hot particle detectors but also integrated in its system several top-grade fire detectors from other manufacturers, such as the multi-sensor MEX-3 fire/explosion detector from the Swiss IEP Technologies, IR/UV X5200 flame defector and other types from the American DETRONICS, GSME fire gases detectors from the German GTE-ADICOS, industrial aspiration detectors from the Australian XTRALIS and other extinguishing and separation systems. By doing so GreCon significantly increased its capability to apply these fast reacting protective systems.

The FIRESAFE R90/K90 fire barriers from the German GSB are designed to close any extraction ducts passing through two different fire sections. They are intended for ducts used for extraction of dusty, granular or fibrous materials and for extraction of greases, oil vapours and dust. FIRESAFE barriers have fully open passageway.

The explosion protection systems from the German REMBE are designed to venting or suppress explosions. In co-operation with GreCon they offer efficient elevators protection.

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