24.-27.5. 2023

International Fire Fighting Equipment and Services Fair

PROWORK spol. s r.o.


PROWORK – chair manufacturer THERAPIA – will officially present the new model line OPERATOR at PYROS/ISET/IDET. They are special ergonomic seats for dispatch centers.

The unique THERAPIA® system introduces 4 integrated shaped bio-active zones which ensure the correct body position particularly when sitting long (8 or more hours a day) at the office and especially in 24/7 work operations. The unique THERAPIA system is copyrighted by trademark, industrial design and is clinically tested.

Therapia Operator
A modern healthy chair for continuous setting and users rotation

The OPERATOR chairs fulfill all technical, hygienic and ergonomic features for long-time work sitting (up to 24 hours) of dispatchers in continuous operations. Designed according to CSN EN 1335 and clinical testing.

Various sizes of models offer high individual comfort fitted to all body types – from the shortest ones to really tall and robust ones (220 cm / 180 kg).

All OPERATOR models are produced out of durable components of the highest quality by the leading brand specialists exclusively from EU. The upholstery is of the highest colour stability and durability level according to the wear resistance parameter. Maximal technical load is up to 200 kg. Models have the extended warranty 3 years in non-stop 24/7 operations.

PAV F 020

Date: 17 May 2019 09:23:00