Silva Regina
3.-6.4. 2022

International Forestry and Hunting Fair

Celebration and presentation of Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson is celebrating 175 years in business this year. Austro Diesel, the exclusive representative of Massey Ferguson machines in the Czech Republic, also has a lot to celebrate. It has been 40 years since the Austrian company entered the market as an agricultural machinery dealer and today it is the exclusive importer of Massey Ferguson equipment for eleven European countries.

Both anniversaries will be celebrated with Massey Ferguson machines as part of the Biomass and Silva Regina trade fairs at the Brno Exhibition Centre. In Hall F, visitors can look forward to a complete cross-section of the product range, including the presence of the latest "titbits".

Over the last two years we have also witnessed to a huge modernisation of the entire Massey Ferguson product portfolio, which has affected virtually all segments. Massey Ferguson is not just a tractor manufacturer but offers its customers a full and comprehensive range of agricultural machinery. In addition to tractors of all performance series, the range includes harvesters, mowers, tedders, rotary rakes, balers, and telescopic handlers are also available. And between 2019 and the end of last year, over 90% of the entire range has been upgraded.

A record number of Massey Ferguson tractors were sold in Czechia in 2021. The officially launched latest generation MF 6S tractor range includes compact all-rounders with four-cylinder engines ranging from 135 to 200 hp. The MF 7S tractors are powerful and dependable six-cylinder machines with power outputs from 155 to 220 hp.  The new MF 8S.305, the most powerful model, has been added to the MF 8S tractor family and has become a flagship model.  It has been given a new Dyna-VT transmission as standard equipment, which is now available as an option for selected MF 8S tractors.

"Massey Ferguson offers a complete range of agricultural machinery and we feel this strategy is the right one. For example, there has been increased interest in our forage production programme, tedders and rotary rakes, and we have introduced a new generation of telescopic handlers. Despite the non-standard conditions of 2021, we managed to show the Ideal harvester in the Czech fields. The Ideal is a purely axial harvester, and the threshing and separation is done by a Helix rotor, which at 4.84 m is the longest rotor ever fitted to a European axial harvester. The key benefits of Helix rotors are low energy consumption, low grain loss and gentle handling of grain and straw," says Radim Vlčko, Massey Ferguson's sales director for the Czech Republic.

2021 was a record year for Massey Ferguson. Massey Ferguson also presented its machines virtually at the Born to Farm on-line event. "I still insist that agriculture is a specific industry based on personal contacts, while presentations in an on-line environment can only work to a certain extent. We would therefore like to move the presentations back to the normal real world where we can meet customers face to face," adds Radim Vlčko about his company's participation in Silva Regina.


Date: 1 Mar 2022 13:05:00