Silva Regina
3.-6.4. 2022

International Forestry and Hunting Fair

Better prices for exhibitors at TECHAGRO, SILVA REGINA and BIOMASS fairs apply until 30 September


In about seven months, the Brno Exhibition Centre will welcome the first visitors to the agrarian and forestry fairs in 2018. This complex, consisting of TECHAGRO, SILVA REGINA and BIOMASS is the most important trade fair event in its field in Central Europe, the Brno Exhibition Centre is completely sold out and more than 100,000 visitors come in regularly. Current development and signals from preparations indicate that the TECHAGRO, SILVA REGINA and BIOMASS agrarian and forest fairs will be successful in 2018 as well.

Exhibitors at agrarian and forestry fairs occupy all 13 exhibition halls and all outdoor areas of the Brno Exhibition Centre. The fairs’ last season featured  772 exhibitors from 40 countries and almost 90% of them expressed their satisfaction with their participation in the fairs. Most of the registered visitors work in plant and livestock production.

In support of Czech agriculture, the Agrarian and Forestry Fairs in Brno 2018 will also focus on the promotion of Czech and regional foods, and will also feature a bee-keeping exhibition. The accompanying program of the forestry section will focus, among other things, on forest management as one of the ways of forest protection.

Regular deadline for submitting applications for the TECHAGRO, SILVA REGINA and BIOMASS 2018 trade fairs is 30 September. Sending their application by this date, exhibitors will receive a 10 percent discount on the price of exhibition area.

Date: 10 Aug 2017 14:47:00