Silva Regina
3.-6.4. 2022

International Forestry and Hunting Fair

Grand Prix – evening of awards


The TECHAGRO, SILVA REGINA, ANIMAL VETEX and BIOMASS fairs offered an opportunity for prestigious award announcement and presentation ceremony. A total of 13 best exhibits out of nearly 100 entered exhibits succeeded in the Grand Prix contest. Prizes were also awarded by cooperating editorial teams, along with Memorial Certificates of the Agrarian Chamber of the CR and a total of nine  local producers received the Regional Food award of the South Moravian Region.

The objective of the Grand Prix contest is to show appreciation of innovative trade fair exhibits meeting the contest parameters. The successful exhibitors received awards from Minister of Agriculture, Marian Jurečka, Managing Director of BVV Trade Fairs Brno, Jiří Kuliš and Chairman of the Evaluation Committee, Jiří Mašek, who shortly assessed this year‘s edition as follows: „Just like the Minister of Agriculture, I have been coming here on a regular basis since 1994, I follow the Grand Prix contest and I am always interested to see which exhibits will win an award. This year, close to 100 exhibits have been entered, the 15-member committee selected 59 nominations resulting in 13 awardees.  I strongly believe that all these awards, be it nominations and Grand Prix awards, will contribute to increased sales.“

The Grand Prix TECHAGRO 2016 award was received by nine exhibits

FARMTEC vitalimeter with 5P
Producer: AGROSOFT Tábor, s.r.o.
Exhibitor: FARMTEC a.s.
This system is based on the accelerometer principle detecting the cudding time, feed intake time, rest time and movement activity of cows. Monitoring the aforesaid parameters helps specify the time of heat and signals changes in the medical condition of the animals.

OptiTrail software for travel route optimising
Producer and exhibitor: Leading Farmers CZ, a.s.                                     
This software solution makes it possible to select the optimal machine travel direction for any shape of land. Its outcome is a travel map and data for navigation systems.

Automatic drilling test
Producer: LEMKEN GmbH & Co. KG                  
Exhibitor: LEMKEN CZECH s.r.o.            
The new seed drill design is fitted with an automatic checking system and drilling setup from the tractor driver‘s cabin.

Automatic material flow control
Producer: CLAAS KGaA GmbH                
Exhibitor: AGRALL zemědělská technika a.s.       
Automatic material flow control monitors the thresher system, separation rotor and motor loading. When the maximum load is reached, the control system prevents from machine overloading or clogging by timely interruption of material feed to the harvesting thresher.

Speed Sharp – sharpener for ZX forage wagon knives
Producer: Maschinenfabrik Bernard KRONE GmbH & Co. KG              
Exhibitor: joint exhibition of Krone machinery importers to the Czech Republic and Slovakia               
Speed Sharp is an automatic sharpens for all knives on the ZX forage wagon cutting systems. The system is mounted right on the forage wagon. Sharpening takes place alongside the wagon.

Self-propelled sprayer DINO
Producer and exhibitor:  Agrio MZS s.r.o.              
The self-propelled sprayer DINO has been designed in the Czech Republic. The tank volume is 6,600 litres and the application arm width is 36 m. The travel drive is hydrostatic. This machine ranks amongst the European top class thanks to its high performance.

Tractor Fendt 1000 Vario
Producer: AGCO Fendt                   
Exhibitor: Agromex s.r.o.                 
Tractor FENDT 1000 Vario represents the top performing universal wheeled tractor. With this machine, FENDT opens up a brand new performance segment of traditional wheeled tractors with power up to 500k. FENDT 1000 Vario is the first tractor based on a low motor revolution design – the concept FENDT iD and innovative drive FENDT VarioDrive.

Agroplus 320 S with active independent suspension system
Producer: SAME DEUTZ-FAHR ITALIA S. p. a.                        
Exhibitor: GARNEA a.s.                 
The front axle system of DEUTZ-FAHR Agroplus 320 S features an exclusive system of front axle active suspension. This innovative solution consists of an independent suspension with double wishbone design scheme managed by an adaptive electro-hydraulic system which works in synergy with a DTC (differential traction control).  The system offers improved tractor stability when working o slopes in orchards and vineyards, improved manoeuvrability and enhanced occupational safety.

Multifunctional carrier RAPTOR Hydro
Producer and exhibitor: Vari, a.s.                 
The multifunctional carrier RAPTOR Hydro is a two-wheel walk-behind machine, which enables connection of a whole range of accessories. The carrier chassis is assembled from pressed parts made from deep drawn high strength sheet metal, which ensure compactness of design and excel in high resistance and low weight. The carrier drive is ensured by hydrostatic gearbox and the adapter drive is designed as a mechanical one.

The Grand Prix SILVA REGINA 2016 award was received by two exhibits

Knife Mikov - Patron
Producer and exhibitor: Mikov s.r.o.            
Knife has accompanied the mankind since that time when metal was discovered. This product comes to show that there is still room for development and innovation here. This product combines high quality of the applied materials, functional design and practicality.

Producer and exhibitor: REPAROSERVIS spol. s r. o.                 
The newly designed model can be applied wherever there are problems with soil bearing capacity, terrain slopeness and share of occasional extraction. Major innovating of the new model can be seen in integrated remote control and rope unwinding regardless the machine motion.

The Grand Prix ANIMAL VETEX 2016 award was received by

SCR Heatime New applications
Producer: SCR Israel            
Exhibitor: Eurofarm systems s.r.o.   
SCR Heatime system for cow health monitoring and automatic heat and calving detection is based on the principle of monitoring physical activity and direct rumination time. It follows long-term trends and detects changes in the health condition of the individual animals, groups of cows and entire herds.

The Grand Prix BIOMASS 2016 award was received by

Wood chipper LASKI LS160DW Track on tracked undercarriage
Producer and exhibitor: LASKI, s.r.o.                     
Wood chipper LASKI is exceptional in offering enhanced terrain accessibility thanks to the tiltable mechanism design integrated with the variable tracked undercarriage.

The traditional part of the ceremony was the presentation of co-operating editors‘ awards. A total of six awards were presented by editors-in-chief of journals issued by Profi Press. Týdeník Zemědělec (Farmer Weekly) granted a prize to the wheeled tractor Fendt 1000 Vario by the producer AGCO Fendt and exhibitor Agromex s.r.o. Mechanizace zemědělství (Agriculture Mechanisation) journal awarded a prize to the system of automatic regulation of the seed rate drive line SeedEye by the producer Väderstad-Verken AB and exhibitor AGRALL zemědělská technika a.s.  The prize of the Farmář (Farmer) monthly was awarded to the high-speed round bale wrapper McHale Orbital by the producer Zunhammer GmbH and exhibitor DSP Engineering s.r.o. The Úroda (Harvest) monthly awarded winter rapeseed Orex by the producer and exhibitor SELGEN, a.s. The Náš chov (Our Breeding) journal awarded Herb Revital, by the producer and exhibitor MIKROP ČEBÍN a.s. The editors of Energie 21 awarded wood chipper LASKI  LS160DW Track, producer and exhibitor LASKI, s.r.o.

As part of the SILVA REGINA fair, the publishing house and editorship Lesnická práce (Forest Work) grants its traditional awards.  The Lesnická práce prize was awarded this year to TATRA PHOENIX with hydraulic loading crane EPSILON Q170 Z96 and extension NTN UMIKOV, produced by TATRA TRUCKS a.s. and exhibited by Serviscentrum Vysočina s.r.o. The prize of Svět myslivosti (World of Hunting) goes to Night Pearl IR517, 640x480px, 35mm, produced and exhibited by ZÁHOŘÍ TRADE s.r.o.

The opening of the agricultural and forestry fairs was also an opportunity for festive presentation of Commemorative Certificates of the Agrarian Chamber of the Czech Republic.  These certificates were presented by Minister of Agriculture,  Marian Jurečka and President of the Agrarian Chamber, Miroslav Toman, and were received by three gentlemen who have greatly contributed to the development of Czech agriculture:  Chairman of the Board of Directors of the farm cooperative  Krásná Hora nad Vltavou Jiří Zelenka, expert in the field of pomology and viniculture and professor emeritus at the University of Agriculture in Nitra and President of the Association of the Agricultural Machinery Suppliers in the Slovak Republic, Ján Jech. 

The last award presented during the opening ceremony at Hall A rotunda was the Regional Food of the South Moravian Region prize awarded to nine local food producers.


Date: 5 Apr 2016 09:57:00