Silva Regina
3.-6.4. 2022

International Forestry and Hunting Fair

SILVA REGINA 2022 will be comparable to previous years

From 3 April 2022, the SILVA REGINA International Forestry and Hunting Fair will take place at the Brno Exhibition Centre concurrently with the TECHAGRO and BIOMASS fairs. This complex is one of the leading European events in the sector.

Hundreds of companies and institutions across the entire range of agricultural and forestry equipment have signed up for the Brno Agricultural and Forestry Fairs. SILVA REGINA 2022, especially its forestry part, will be comparable to previous editions, and the area around Hall Z is full to capacity. All the main disciplines of the expo are represented. Visitors can also look forward to an outdoor stage and timbersport.

Traditionally, visitors will find a hunting exposition in Hall Z. A stage with a specialised and entertainment programme will be open all days; the show will be hosted by Petr Joo. The gallery in Hall Z will house additional components of the sideline hunting programme, especially trophy exhibitions. Some of the Czech game reserves will certainly be presented, and attention will be paid to hunting traditions and wisdom. As in previous years, the role of hunting in wildlife care, biodiversity maintenance and forest management will be highlighted.

The fairs will also include a beekeeping exhibition associated with the sale of beekeeping supplies and products made from bee products; every year, this exhibition also includes lectures for beekeepers. The GRAND PRIX exhibit competition is also in the pipeline.

Best prices for group visits (bus tours) will apply again, providing reduced entrance fee from Sunday to Wednesday, and completely free entry on Thursday. The best option for individual visitors is to purchase tickets on the website. There will also be a competition for visitors to win fancy prizes in both agriculture and hunting. 



Date: 4 Dec 2021 13:40:00