Silva Regina
3.-6.4. 2022

International Forestry and Hunting Fair

SILVA REGINA – forestry, gamekeeping, protection of forest by economic use


From 8 to 12 April 2018, the next edition of the SILVA REGINA International Forestry and Hunting Fair will take place at the Brno Exhibition Centre. It will be held concurrently with the TECHAGRO International Fair of Agricultural Technology and the BIOMASS Trade Fair for Renewable Sources of Energy in Agriculture and Forestry. The Brno agricultural and forestry trade fairs are among the largest European fairs in this field, the Brno Exhibition Centre is sold out this year. The motto of the SILVA REGINA 2018 fair is "Forest Protection by Economic Use". This theme will be reflected mainly in the accompanying programme and includes both the gamekeeping and forestry parts of the fair.


The forestry part of SILVA REGINA will be located in the vicinity of Hall Z; exhibition stands will feature for example, conveyors, harvesters, transport machinery and everything else related to forest management. Companies such as Forest Meri, Merimex, Hořické strojírny, Umikov, Serviscentrum Vysočina, Topagri, P&L Biskupice or Lesnická obchodní. (Forestry Trade) can be mentioned as forestry exhibitors. The forestry part of the programmes will focus, for example, on the revitalization of the Ore Mountains, changes in forestry management in the context of climate change and introduction of robots in forestry. The SILVA REGINA forestry section is closely related to the BIOMASS trade fair, exhibitors' displays are also focused on the processing and energy utilization of timber mass. Firewood processing is also well represented at the fair.


Inside Hall Z, visitors will find mainly the gamekeeping part of the fair, while forestry equipment will be displayed in its surroundings. Hunter are in for a lot of stands with sales of clothing, footwear and other needs for hunting and living outdoors, hunters’ interiors, and of course also guns, knives, optics and ammunition. Those interested in buying ammunition should not forget their arms permit. Visitors will compete for a hunting gun – this time it will be the HAENEL JAEGER 10 repeating rifle. On the ground floor of the hall, hunters can enjoy a popular stage with entertainment and education programmes. The upper concourse will host large exhibitions of trophies, paintings, photographs and other sideline exhibitions. Animals from all over the world should be represented among the exhibited stuffed specimens; the specific focus of the taxidermy exhibition will be finalized later on and the organizers will inform about it on the website of the fair. The upper concourse of Hall Z will also host a lounge for professional forest and hunting programmes. For example, hunters will be introduced to Bohemian-Moravian Gamekeeping Association clubs, get practical tips for hunters’ associations or the topics of protection of small game and African swine fever will be prepared. For young people and the broader public, there will be the popular forest pedagogy.

In the entertainment part, the stage on the ground floor of Hall Z will feature appearances by famous personalities such as Petr Joo, Vojta Kiďák Tomáško, Dominik Hašek or Jožka Šmukař. In the displays on the upper concourse of Hall Z, we will commemorate personalities from the field of forestry and gamekeeping – Josef Nečas, Vladimír Paulišta, Josef Ressel or Jaromír Tomeček.

Every day there will be shows of buglers and demonstrations of work of dog trainers and falconers.

Timberjacks‘ competitions, axe hurling

This year's timberjacks‘ competition STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® will be entered by a record number of racers; the timbersport will be dedicated a total of 4 days. On Sunday and Monday, the Brno Axe will take place on the grassy area near Hall M; the participants will compete in the hurling of a double headed axe.

Grand Prix with a new category

The TECHAGRO, SILVA REGINA and BIOMASS trade fairs will once again feature the traditional GRAND PRIX competition, in which an expert jury will award the best of the exhibits entered. The SOIL WATER RETENTION FRIENDLY award will newly be given, which will be received by exhibits improving the retention capacity of soil. The Brno agricultural and forestry fairs use this innovation to highlight everything that may contribute to sustainable economy.

100 years of Czech forestry and hunting

Sideline exhibitions also respond to the biggest anniversary of this year: 100 years since the founding of the Czech Republic. A thematic exhibition on the development of forestry and hunting in the past 100 years will be installed on the upper concourse of Hall Z; the partner of this exhibition is the company Lesy České republiky (Forests of the Czech Republic).

For individual visitors, it is best to buy tickets on the website; the cheapest admission applies for organized groups of more than 15 people, which can even visit the fair free of charge on 12 April.

Date: 8 Apr 2018 10:45:00