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International Forestry and Hunting Fair

TechAgro across Europe


The biggest european agricultural technology fair - AGRITECHNICA in Hannover - is drawing near, and Czech companies will surely not be missing from this important event.

The TECHAGRO International Fair of Agricultoral Technology, together with BIOMASA, ANIMAL VETEX and SILVA REGINA, presents itself at numerous trade fairs around the world. This is part of its sales strategy. Through targeted acquirement abroad, more and more foreign exhibitors and visitors are recruited. Its last edition - 2014 - was proof that the effort is worth it, since 758 companies from 41 countries were present. Visitors from 48 countries came to Brno, most often from neighbouring states, but farmers from France, Spain, the United Kingdom, the USA, China or African republics were no exception. 

"The acquirement and subsequent participation of foreign exhibitors and visitors at the TECHAGRO, ANIMAL VETEX, SILVA REGINA and BIOMASA trade fairs is essentially important. It strengthens the importance of trade fairs as a place where new trade relationships are established, contracts are signed and experiences are shared among companies from around the world. The growing international presence is what underlines the trade fair's importance," says Jan Kubena from the BVV Trade Fairs Brno. 

Agritechnica is the centre of attention

Approximately twenty four Czech companies traditionally take part in the AGRITECHNICA fair in Hannover, Germany, among them also Veletrhy Brno. Between the 8th and 14th November, the joint exhibition of BVV and the Agricultural and forestry machinery association A.ZeT will be located in hall 7, at stand C15. "We definitely cannot miss out on Hannover. We have arranged meetings with various associations in the field, journalists as well as companies, we will be visiting foreign exhibitors. Germany is one of our very important partners. Apart from this, our stand at AGRITECHNICA is somehow a base for visitors from the Czech Republic, whom we will, as always, gladly welcome even this year. Whoever travels to Hannover should definitely not forget to visit the exposition showcasing the Brno fairgrounds," Kubena added. 

BVV Trade Fairs Brno support exhibitors

For 2016, the BVV prepared an attractive bonus package for exhibitors through which it is hoped that participation at the exhibition will be supported. A special package offer is available, whereby one can order one of the standardised stands together with exhibition space. In this way, one can save time, money and hassles when putting up the exhibition. More details about participation, including nomenclature, can be found at If the application is submitted until 31st October 2015, a 10% discount off the price of the exhibition space applies.

Date: 2 Oct 2015 11:24:00