Silva Regina
3.-6.4. 2022

International Forestry and Hunting Fair

TECHAGRO is record-breaking, as speakers confirmed at the opening


On Sunday, the Hall A rotunda was virtually bursting at its seams. Such was the interest in the gala opening of this year‘s edition of the agrarian fairs accompanied by the appearance of distinguished guests and presentation of prestigious awards.

All the participants were first welcomed by the mayor of the hosting city Petr Vokřál who stated that a few days ago the Statutory City of Brno had become the majority owner of the Brno exhibition centre. „This has put an end to the long-lasting discussions whether one of the crucial economic elements of the city will survive. I am very glad that it is the case and that I can guarantee on behalf of the City of Brno that will also be the case in the future. Looking at the crowds of people I have seen here today make believe that this is needed not only for economic reasons but also to give us an opportunity to meet here – you, successful businessmen, and us, politicians – and discuss what is driving economy not only in the Czech Republic but also in the rest of Europe. I ma very happy to meet you here and I truly hope that this Essentials trade fair projects TECHAGRO, one of the largest ever, will succeed,“ said the Brno Mayor.

The President of the Senate of the Czech Republic Parliament, Milan Štěch, marked this year’s TECHAGRO fair as gigantic and as to the number of exhibits and exhibitors he compared it to the International Engineering Fair. „This highlights one aspect. Although our agriculture and forestry make up for just per cents of GDP, it is obvious that the contribution and importance of these sectors is much, much bigger. I think we all realise the importance of agriculture to feed our inhabitants, the safety aspects as well as the issue of landscaping and environmental protection. We have overcame the transformation period relatively and I am convinced that this sector is presently doing well thanks to the work of all of you, good management and sensitive attitude to soil, forests and the environment,“ said Milan Štěch and thanked all those present for their efforts.

Minister of Agriculture, Marian Jurečka, has been attending the TECHAGRO fair on a regular basis since 1994, since his childhood, and spared no praise in his speech. „I must say that this is really a show of the best the Czech Republic may offer Central Europe and the world in the sector of agricultural equipment and technologies as well as what Europe can offer the Czech farmers. We meet here at a time when the situation in Czech agriculture is not really easy considering last year‘s drought and some of the commodities. Nevertheless, I do believe that together we can handle the situation well, the Czech Republic does not turn its back on the Czech farmers, we will manage to propose measures that will help our farmers overcome the difficult period and that this will also be assisted by the four trade fairs TECHAGRO, SILVA REGINA, ANIMAL VETEX and BIOMASS, which cover the whole spectrum of the agrarian sector,“ declared Minister Jurečka who also expressed his firm belief that all exhibitors as well as their potential clients will spend these days in Brno over constructive discussions.

President of the Agrarian Chamber of the Czech Republic, Miroslav Toman, congratulated the organisers on the beautiful exhibition. „I am very glad that the Agrarian Chamber can be a partner of these four fairs and I believe that we will continue meeting here in the future. Currently, agriculture finds itself in a difficult situation and I perceive very positively that the minister shares this view. I believe that the Czech agriculture will get help in the future from the Rural Development Programme, national subsidies as well as from all of you who supply machinery and equipment for agriculture because nothing would work so well without them,“ sais Miroslav Toman and added that Czech agriculture is competitive and will not get lost in Europe in the future.

On behalf of the Agricultural Association of the Czech Republic, a longstanding partner of the fair, the present chairman Martin Pýcha greeted the attendees. "Every time I say here that this edition is record-breaking, and this year is yet another record-breaking year," emphasised Martin Pýcha adding that not only the number of 777 exhibitors is record-breaking, but also the figure of 40 represented countries has broken the existing record. "I am particularly pleased to see that the fair shows to the public that agriculture can not be perceived as three percent of workforce it employs, and the share in the GDP, but in relation to other sectors. The participation of exhibitors and visitors goes to show how important agriculture is for the Czech Republic, "says Martin Pýcha.

The gala opening at Hall A rotunda was also attended by first Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Andrej Babiš, Chairman of the Committee for Economy, Agriculture and Transport of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic Jan Hajda, Chairman of the Agricultural Committee of the Chamber of Deputies Jaroslav Faltýnek, Director of the State Agricultural Intervention Fund Martin Šebestyán, representatives of the diplomatic corps, rectors, representatives of professional associations, chambers and unions, delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Zambia and delegation of the Eurasian Economic Union.


Date: 4 Apr 2016 19:11:00