Silva Regina
3.-6.4. 2022

International Forestry and Hunting Fair

SILVA REGINA is growing


The SILVA REGINA fair will once again be traditionally located in Hall Z and its surroundings. Inside Hall Z visitors will find mainly expositions related to gamekeeping, and open-air areas will present forestry equipment. Exhibitors have signed up from all areas of forest management – from logging through transport (including, for example, cable cars) to processing or hand tools. In addition to traditional exhibitors, new companies are also signing up, so the offer on the exhibition area will certainly be wider than in previous years. The SILVA REGINA expositions are thematically followed by exhibitors at the BIOMASS fair, who will mainly present the energy use of wood. The hunting part of SILVA REGINA will focus on sales of supplies for outdoor activities, weapons, optics and clothing. Lesy České republiky [Forests of the Czech Republic] will be presented with a large exposition.

The forestry part of the supporting programme of SILVA REGINA will focus primarily on the state of forests after the bark beetle calamity and its solution, which must also take into account the ongoing climate change and all its consequences. The supporting programme will take place on a stage, and will also feature permanent exhibitions. Further educational and awareness information will be presented at the stands of expert partners. The supporting programme of the concurrently held TECHAGRO expo will also address new ways of managing climate change and some topics will be intersections of the two expos – such as agro forestry.

The supporting programme for gamekeepers will follow the proven scheme of previous years. The basis of the sideline exhibitions will be the trophies, which will include shows of OMS from Brno and its surroundings. Several personalities of gamekeeping and forestry, interesting hunting weapons, paintings and photographs with hunting themes, interesting roe deer trophies or the Roštejn Game Preserve will be presented in the form of exhibitions. Clubs of the Czech-Moravian Hunting Union will be introduced, and a stage with an educational and entertaining program will be running on the ground floor of Hall Z. Expert supporting programme for gamekeepers will be dedicated to predators or the overpopulation of hoofed game.

The GRAND PRIX exhibit competition is also under preparation, featuring also the SOIL WATER RETENTION FRIENDLY award for machines and technologies that support water retention in the soil. Trade missions from abroad will also come to the Brno agricultural and forestry fairs.

As every year, favourable conditions for group visits (bus tours) are prepared, with reduced admission from Tuesday to Thursday and Saturday, and free admission on Friday. The best way for individual visitors is to buy their tickets via website, which has been available since the beginning of October.

Date: 9 Dec 2019 10:30:00