Silva Regina
3.-6.4. 2022

International Forestry and Hunting Fair

Selection from the supporting programme at the TECHAGRO, BIOMASS, SILVA REGINA and ANIMAL VETEX fairs


The end of March and the beginning of April belong to the complex of agrarian and forestry fairs at the Brno Exhibition Centre. Between 30th March and 3rd April, the Exhibition Centre will host the fairs TECHAGRO - agriculture, SILVA REGINA – forestry, hunting, BIOMASS – renewable energies in agriculture and forestry and ANIMAL VETEX – veterinary fair. This complex of fairs is one of the largest in Europe and includes a rich supporting programme intended not only for experts but also for the general public. The most important events within the supporting programme at this year’s agrarian and forestry fairs include:

Seminars, conferences, round-tables – these are organised in cooperation with professional associations, exhibitors, and universities– Mendel University in Brno, Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague and Veterinary and Pharmaceutical University in Brno. The individual events include, for example: MENDELTECH INTERNATIONAL 2014, Euro-Asian Economic Commission, European forestry policy now and in the future, History of forestry on church property, 6th Central European Veterinary Congress (the main topic of the veterinary congress is „antibiotics policy – vision and reality in  veterinary practice“), Use of wood mass energy, Biogas transformation of  biomass, Composting, From traditional fuel to modern mixed and biogenic fuel for transport, Modern management of agricultural facilities, Czech National Forest Inventory and Presentation of successful projects within the rural development programme.

Interesting supporting programme will be offered by bee-keepers.  It will centre around an exhibition that will be open throughout the fair duration. On Sunday, 30th March, there will be lectures on the following topics presented: History of bee-keeping societies, use of bee products, production practice and honey adulteration, varoasis, bee-keeping rationalisation, experience of veterinarians with bees. The bee-keepers will occupy the gallery in Hall B.

As part of the ANIMAL VETEX fair, we will offer competition shows of Czech Fleckvieh cattle, commented shows of Holstein cattle and sheep and goat breeds.

As a tradition, the supporting programme in the field of game-keeping will be extensive.  This will be taking place in Hall Z, where most of the ground floor and the entire first gallery will be dedicated to game-keeping and hunting. The programme consists of a large number of sub-exhibitions concerning, for example, the Lány game preserve, National park Šumava and the nestor of not only Czech game-keeping,  Josef Hromas – who is also the author of five dozens of books and textbooks. Another chapter is also represented by preserved animals and trophies. Interesting trophies from the Czech Republic will be on display and, in cooperation with Safari Club International, an exhibition of preserved animals titled Animals in the former Soviet Union will be organised.

Date: 20 Feb 2014 11:54:00