10.-11.5. 2023

International Stainless Steel Fair

Quotes about the fair

<h2>Quotes about the fair</h2>


Deven Choudhary, export and executive, Divine Tubes, India
We came to exhibit in Brno for the first time since we started production of seamless pipes and we want to introduce them to customers in Europe. I think this is an excellent fair for Eastern Europe, a region where trade will continue to grow in the future and may be more interesting for us than the market in Western Europe, which slows down and where there is too much competition. People coming to our stand are serious candidates with whom we can discuss our products and quality of supply. We are satisfied here. The organization is perfect, we only lack one thing - vegetarian food.

Tomáš Rýpar, executive, Schwer Fittings, ČR:
We are here on a regular basis, so I can compare and I must say that I like this year’s STAINLESS most of all past years, whether they were in Brno or earlier in Ostrava. It is the biggest one so far and we received the most visitors, real candidates, and possibly future customers. The organization and service are still as good, but in terms of the size of the fair and visit it is really an increase. I am very satisfied.

Izabella Suchorzynska, manager of marketing and sales development, Nova Trading, Poland:
Our company has been present at this show since the first run in Ostrava, where we were the main partner, and each year we present at a larger stand. This year we doubled the area from two years ago. We meet with a lot of our clients, suppliers and business partners here, we hold negotiations with them and we are really very busy during the two days. It is a relatively small fair for the Brno Exhibition Centre, but a big event for our industry. People who mean something in stainless steel come here from all over the world, and it is a very useful opportunity for our company because we do not waste time travelling the world, we meet them all in one place. It is the most interesting event for us and we will not miss it in two years’ time.

Sameer Gathani, president of sales & marketing, Ambica Steels, India:
We participate in this exhibition for the first time. We have customers throughout Europe and we want to strengthen our trade relations, better understand the situation on the local market and also establish contacts with the end users. I think that STAINLESS Brno is a successful event and we should return in two years to affirm our presence in the European market.

Ivan Valach, sales, 1. Miroslavská strojírna, ČR:
It is our fourth time at STAINLESS, and a lot of customers come to our stand, so we are satisfied. Business meetings which we're having here are practical. We also managed to establish many new contacts with foreign partners, which we did not expect, for example on the Polish market where we've never supplied before. But the main thing for us is the opportunity to meet with existing customers. STAINLESS fulfils what we expect from it, and so we return here each time.

Maciej Kowalewski, head of marketing, ThyssenKrupp, Poland:
We're here every two years, because this is one of two industry exhibitions in Europe and the most important market for the Eastern-European market. It is mainly a meeting of distributors and manufacturers; we meet with our customers, suppliers and all trading partners here with whom we can discuss the current market. Occasionally we acquire some new contacts, we discussed with partners from China and India, but some 90 per cent are people whom we already know in our business. However, that it is very important for us, because we can hold a lot of meetings with virtually all relevant partners in a single location without travelling a long distance. One can see that the fair is growing, and we are also happy with the number of visitors, especially the first day was very hectic for us.

Dietmar Lang, authorized sales agent, Voß Edelstahlhandel, Austria:
We have been here since the very beginning, because this is a very important trade fair for our company. We meet a lot of customers from the Czech and Slovak Republic here, but also from Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia and other countries. They all come here to obtain information about the stainless steel market. I like the fair, although it seems a little calmer in comparison with the past years, I see the less people, which is perhaps also due to a larger hall. But when it comes to the negotiations that we have conducted, we are really satisfied.

Franziskus Bagusat, commercial manager, ChromiumTrade, Switzerland:
We first exhibited in Brno two years ago, we were very satisfied and this year we returned with a much larger stand. It's a fantastic fair, a small one, but very specifically targeted. People come here from afar and know why; we can speak with them very specifically. STAINLESS Brno is very important for us, we meet a lot of very good customers and a number of new ones from across Europe here. I can say that I am absolutely satisfied this year.

Milind D. Ghumare, head of export marketing, India Steel Works, India:
We are exhibiting in Brno for the first time. We are strongly represented on the Polish market, and we have some interesting demand from other countries in Eastern Europe, so we have decided that we need to be seen more here to and to introduce ourselves to other potential customers. This fair is a good opportunity for us and we are happy that we participated. We are satisfied with the number of customers that we're able to reach, not only from neighbouring countries but even from Russia and Belarus. This fair is attended by different customers than the trade fair in Maastricht, which is positive for us. We want to be here again in two years.

Paul Meijering, CEO, Paul Meijering Stainless Steel, Netherlands:
We have been here since the first year in Ostrava and each time it was a trade fair where we found new business partners, but this year is simply fantastic. We met a lot more new customers than we expected - from Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. It's like a dream. On the first day at 11 o'clock we could have gone home, how many new contacts we had.

Tomáš Kašpárek, Sales Representative, Italinox, ČR:
We have been here regularly and this year's attendance is really large, which is also due to the market recovery. Two years ago our industry was still recovering from the crisis, but we are completely satisfied this year. We can meet with all our suppliers here in these two days, and we also established contacts with new ones. STAINLESS Brno is unique for us in this regard and fulfils exactly what we expect from it.