August 21 - 22, 2021 Pavilion P

a two-day fashion event for fashion retailers and the general public

Saturday Sunday
9 am - 6 pm

fashion shows of designers and fashion brands


The FASHION2DAYS event will take place for the second time this year!

Last year's pilot presented over two days - Saturday and Sunday - dozens of fashion shows with collections of well-known Czech and Slovak fashion designers, fashion brands and exhibitors. The whole event took place as a special project of the STYL and KABO fairs and was located in part of hall P. This will be the case this year as well. In addition, the space will be complemented by designers' stands with current collections, which can be ordered or purchased on site. FASHION2DAYS , organized by Trade Fairs Brno, will be accessible to both B2B visitors STYL and KABO on the basis of the Club Card, and to the general public for a symbolic entrance fee. The aim of the project is to support the fashion business, after a longer period of time the greater visibility of fashion designers and brands to the general public.

Are you a designer and want to participate?

Here you can read more information about the possibilities of participation and prices for your presentation:

  • Are you an exhibitor at the Styl and Kabo trade fairs and do you want to take part in the F2D event?

  • You are not an exhibitor at the Styl and Kabo trade fairs, but do you still want to take part in the F2D event?

Contact the F2D event manager:

Lucie Umlášková

Tel .: +420 541 152 546

Mobile: +420 724 819 009



REVIEWS of the participants of the first year of the event:


Ludek Kellner

designer and hair stylist of Fashion2days shows


I am glad that the event took place. Fashion needs to be shown live. I've been to STYLE and KABO for eleven years now, so I'd be sorry if there was nothing.

Pavel Jevula



Fashion2days is an interesting concept. I consider it to be the zero year in which various flies and problems are caught. Although I can't say that everything would be 100% great, I am very glad that Trade Fairs Brno has decided to organize this event.

Petr Kalouda



A platform like Fashion2days was missing in Brno. There are a lot of projects for young designers, but nothing where people who work for a long time would meet. I also like the connection with the STYL and KABO Business Days.

Aleš Šeliga

designer brand alešbáry


I remember that there was a big section for designers at the fairs. However, they created collections intended only for piers. At Fashion2days, designers were also given the opportunity to showcase the models they sell in their showrooms. I think that if this section expands, it is a great enrichment for both the designer and the whole event.

Final Report August 2020