Use gate number 7 to enter the STYL and KABO Business Days

STYLE and KABO are located in Pavilion P, which is located in close proximity to the seventh gate of the Brno Exhibition Center. It is the only entry point for visitors. You can get to the seventh gate by line 52 and you have to get off at the Riviera stop. This stop is on the sign.

From the bus station Zvonařka

Take bus number 84 and go to the Mendlovo náměstí stop. From there take bus no. 52 to the Riviera stop.

From the main train station

Take tram number 1 and go to Mendlovo náměstí, then change to bus number 52 and continue to the Riviera stop.

From Mendel Square

Take bus number 52 and go to the Riviera stop.