17.-19.2. 2023

60th B2B Fashion Fair STYL

17.-19.2. 2023

60th B2B Footwear and Leatherware Fair KABO

August STYL and KABO fairs will present a new Fresh Fashion zone


International fairs of fashion, footwear and leather goods STYL and KABO are preparing a new zone of original fashion and jewellery called Fresh Fashion.

The Fresh Fashion showcase will be presented at the 42nd Brno fairs STYL and KABO on 18-20 August 2013 for the first time. Fresh Fashion will offer fashion fair visitors completely new exhibitors who place an emphasis on original design, quality, and their products are produced predominantly in the Czech Republic. Fresh Fashion Zone will focus especially on young fashion, fashion accessories, bijouterie and jewellery. Traders will find singular, fresh and well-marketable products to rejuvenate their range. Exhibitors will particularly include independent Czech brands, which were only presented at fairs of independent fashion, street wear and skateboard brands up till now.

The Fresh Fashion Zone is prepared by the Brno Exhibition Centre in collaboration with LoveMusic fashion brand who organize independent fashion retail markets, Factory Fashion Market and Holešovice Fashion Market. "The aim of Fresh Fashion is to bring fresh wind into STYL and Kabo, rejuvenate the offer and attract new businesses. There are many brands in the Czech Republic that strive for original design of their products and quality production. These brands often have successfully grown through designer markets, which gives them the advantage of constant contact with the customers, their preferences and needs. This allows them to offer unique products, which are in great demand by end users," explains the concept of Fresh Fashion zones the owner of LoveMusic fashion brand Kateřina Hanko Pletichová. "As organizers of independent fashion markets and as fashion brand owners we reflect the strong need of independent fashion brands for functional distribution and wholesaling of this type of goods and vice versa the constant hunger among shopkeepers for new products that are more attractive for their current range. The connection with STYL and KABO is perceived as a step towards further development of the fashion sector and the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of fashion, fashion accessories and jewellery," adds Hanko Pletichová.


Date: 21 May 2013 10:21:00