Companies have placed a number of orders for fashion collections

The STYL and KABO business days took place at the Brno Exhibition Center from 22 to 24 August 2020. STYL and KABO remain the most important B2B contracting event in the fashion industry, despite all current restrictions. The Fashion2days project was also held with the business days, which was also intended for the general public and on which it was possible to get acquainted with the collections of Czech designers and companies. Collections of almost 400 fashion brands from 120 exhibitors from 6 countries were presented at the exhibition center.

Although the STYL and KABO Business Days were held in the shadow of security measures and general concerns about a potential infection, they showed the need for a business platform for companies and buyers. Exhibitors and visitors welcomed the opportunity to meet in person with both their business partners and colleagues in the field. At present, events of this type take place almost nowhere, so it was a welcome opportunity for everyone to share their experiences of overcoming the crisis and offer their older and new collections to business partners. The atmosphere and the course of the business days testified to the fact that business in the fashion industry is gradually returning to its original values.

STYLE and KABO showed models for the following seasons

The expositions of the exhibitors of the STYL and KABO Business Days and their fashion shows presented models for the following seasons. For companies, STYL and KABO remain the most important contracting B2B event, despite a situation that prevented some importers from introducing a new collection in time. " Many traditional exhibitors sell foreign goods, for example, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish. The situation in these countries is now more complicated and the new collections will not be available until the end of September. As a result of the pandemic, materials and semi-finished products are also missing. Everything is simply delayed and many would have nothing to exhibit. This is the main reason why some companies are not here , "explains Vlasta Mayerová, secretary of the Czech Footwear and Leather Association. The trading days showed that trends in other fields are also entering the clothing industry, such as digitization, more environmentally friendly production, production of products at the point of consumption and the circular economy.

The Fashion2days project highlighted fashion designers and introduced new trends to the public

The premiere enrichment of the STYL and KABO Business Days was the Fashion2days project. His goal was to present the fashion work of Czech designers and companies. Fashion2days shows were also open to the general public and, of course, to visitors and exhibitors STYL and KABO. The project took place on Saturday and Sunday and featured designers Iveta Řádková, Luděk Kellner, AlešBáry, Luděk Hanák, Pavel Jevula and Petr Kalouda, as well as Fashion M&M, MODĚVA clothing cooperative Konice, Atelier Donát, Level-Pro, Werso - Jiřina Matoušová and students of Modeling and Clothing Design from the Secondary School of Design and Fashion Prostějov under the guidance of Yvona Leitner.

Cooperation with BVV is very beneficial for us, says Jan Wiesner

Production cooperatives are long-term participants in the STYL and KABO Business Days and other trade fairs. According to Jan Wiesner, honorary chairman of the Union of Czech and Moravian Production Cooperatives is the contribution of trade fairs for the production of cooperatives clearly see "Fairs anyway manufacturing cooperatives significantly helped, because we have been involved in all areas where it is active Association. Cooperation with BVV is at a high level and very beneficial for us. Trade fairs support trade and, of course, the presentation of cooperatives as such. "

The business days showed the potential of the Brno Exhibition Center for B2B events even in the current conditions

STYL and KABO were performed in compliance with all hygiene measures currently required in connection with a coronavirus pandemic. Exhibitors, visitors and partners confirmed that they feel safe in the halls and that the required distances can be observed when placing the exhibits inside the pavilion through the air. Disinfection was available in many places, and most of the entry and movement operations at the fairgrounds could be performed contactlessly.

The STYL and KABO business days were very successful from the point of view of the exhibitors

According to the responses of a large number of exhibitors, the business days were very successful. Despite the lower expected attendance, exhibitors received a number of orders and contacts, which was mainly due to the fact that thanks to coronavirus measures, visitors who came to order came and the number of visitors who went to follow the development of the field decreased. On behalf of the organizers, we can say that the business days were successful. We invite you to the next year in the traditional February term.

The next STYL and KABO Business Days will take place

February 20-22, 2021.


Date: 26 Aug 2020 20:11:00