Cristina Barros - sophisticated elegance "from Portugal"

With a focus on the women's segment, the brand is characterized by extreme ways of using "Made in Portugal" materials and production processes. In addition, they will appeal to you by designing pieces that favor a woman who likes to live fashion regardless of her various life stages.

Quality, perfection and attention to detail. In ten years, Cristina Barros has achieved more than 700 multi-brand stores worldwide through global distribution.

Thanks to the development of brands and careful attention when choosing materials, Cristina Barros has become a brand that defends the slow fashion movement and creates timeless pieces, supports the maintenance of a contemporary and lasting style. She also did not forget about animal rights - the use of animal fur and feathers in production is completely forbidden.

Quality, art know-how and experience in haute couture: these values are behind the entire Cristina Barros collection, behind a luxurious style that has become a new standard in the world of fashion. From research to the study of materials and textiles to the creation of carefully detailed prototypes taking place at all stages of production at the Trofa headquarters.

Innovative ideas to turn experts into reality in a long-term dialogue inspired by a passion for perfection. The heart of all collections is the constant improvement of suitability and above-standard attention to detail, which leads to the highest quality clothing and accessories characterized by sophisticated elegance, which is a true symbol of the "From Portugal" brand.