The Trade Fairs Have Been Inaugurated, the Catwalks Overtaken by Women’s Fashion


The opening presentation of the fashion trade fairs STYL and KABO belonged, as usual, to collections of exhibitors. This year they mostly presented fashion for girls and women who appreciate both the aesthetic and the practical side of clothes in various everyday situations. As part of the STYL SHOW the companies and brands LADY COLLECTION, NEULA, TRAMONTANA, MODĚVA, ESTEL COLLECTION, PTAK FASHION CITY a JOYMISS presented their collections.

The fashion show opened with the brand LADY COLLECTION who presented women’s casual fashion, combining skirts of various lengths, dresses, and more or less tight trousers with tops, blouses, and jackets. What immediately followed was the collection of the Finnish company NEULA, who have specialized in the manufacturing and selling of fashionable women’s clothes made from strictly natural fibres for more than thirty years. The final form of the clothing items is created by the collaboration of designers from Finland, Italy, and Germany. To Brno NEULA brought a pleasant, colour-wise moderate collection of women’s summer dresses, whose cut brings out interesting designs and highlights a slim waist, be it through a fitted waist or by using stripes of various colours and materials.

The Dutch brand Tramontana presented their collection as third in line. The brand entered the market in 1985 in Amsterdam and has come to Brno repeatedly as the flagship of the exhibiting company Kabrhel-PERAB. The creators themselves introduce Tramontana as “a brand of only one stop, where a modern woman gets everything she needs to feel feminine and fashionable; fashion for a woman who can handle several tasks at once and is constantly in motion”. This philosophy was confirmed in Brno by their current collection which offers comfortable and easily combinable trousers, dresses, sweaters, blouses, and jackets.

The company MODĚVA came with a nice novelty this year, when they began their presentation with a collection of women’s and men’s winter jackets in black and grey. They also captured the spectators’ attention with the way several models combined wool and nylon, quilted and filled with feather. The collection did not lack the traditional winter woollen coats and pelerines in the colours white, black, light blue, and camel, with the more luxurious models enriched with natural furs and Swarovski crystals.

After that, the show only targeted women; whether it was the Greek brand ESTEL COLLECTION and their clothes for various occasions, the fresh fashion brand PTAK FASHION CITY from Poland, who offer clothes from two hundred purely Polish manufacturers, or the elegant collection in black made by a Turkish manufacturer, who became the brand JOYMISS in Istanbul in 1991. The partners of the fashion show STYL SHOW, as well as of other shows of daywear, nightwear, and swimwear, are the companies CCC Shoes & Bags, POLA Fashion Academy, In Hair Studio, and Haute Coiffure Française.

STYL SHOW - photogallery

Date: 27 Aug 2016 15:00:00