Karpet: Hats and Caps Follow Trends


The company Karpet is one of the Czech companies whose current production was very favourably commented on by the Dutch fashion trend specialist Ellen Haeser during her Saturday’s lecture. “We tried to choose interesting models, including paper or sisal ornate hats. We’re happy that we caught the audience’s interest, that several our photos made an appearance in the lecture, and that our goods are well liked. This is why we do it, so that the customers are satisfied,” says Monika Jeglová, Karpet’s sales manager.

The Czech company, which has been engaged in the manufacturing and selling of hats and caps since 1992, presents its new Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 collection at the fashion trade fair STYL. Examples of the collection include popular women’s berets made from 100% wool, woollen toques, pressed rabbit felt hats, knitted caps, or sewn hats, mainly baseball caps of one or more colours. “We try to satisfy everyone. Some people like simpler models, others prefer more ornate ones. It always depends on the kind of the customer, and – from the point of view of retailers – on where they are from and what they think will interest the customers in their stores. In some regions the customers are more conservative and it is difficult to sell a more extravagant piece to them,” says Monika Jeglová.

In spite of this their stand suggests that modern Czech women are much more daring than ever before. This manifests itself by not only decorating the hats with buckles, straps made of wool, tulle, satin, satin ribbons, flowers, beads, and other items, but also by colouring. The current collection is diverse and vibrant, although the black hat still remains in the base of their offer. “Previously customers asked mainly for grey, black, or burgundy, but nowadays a lot of people picks for example pink, turquoise, or yellow,” Monika Jeglová says and adds that all generations can choose from Karpet’s range.

Date: 28 Aug 2016 16:00:00