Modela Pardubice

Modela Pardubice - clothing company with a tradition since 1930

" We work with a love for the Czech clothing tradition. We build on the quality of production and creativity of ancestors. "

This is how Modela, a production cooperative in Pardubice based in Chrudim, presents itself on its website. It focuses mainly on women's clothing, such as dresses, blouses, skirts and pants. They also expanded their specialization to include children's clothing and professional uniforms.

The production cooperative has its own cutting room and 2 sewing workshops. He realizes orders in them in quantities from tens to thousands of pieces. It sews for the B2B market and for end customers, mainly in the form of wage work. It processes medium, light to very light clothing materials, including difficult-to-process textiles such as real silk, chiffon or lace.

Modela, vd Pardubice also offers its own collection of women's clothing twice a year. This is mainly an elegant fashion designed for daily and social purposes, where the emphasis is on the quality of workmanship and a good fit. Don't miss them at the STYL trade fair.


Date: 12 Aug 2021 08:30:00