Start a fashion business with us

Dear business friends,

Just like you, we were eagerly awaiting the latest development of the situation in the market, the normal functioning of which was paralyzed for several months by the phenomenon called COVID-19. Now, we have the joint opportunity to revive and restart the Czech fashion and footwear market. Already at the STYL KABO expo held in August, you can present your collections to retailers and meet them all in person again. We have prepared great conditions for you to participate in August so that we can allow you to restart for the new period.

Later deadline without booking deposit

We have postponed the application deadline to 30 June, without the need to pay a 20% deposit in advance. This fact will not affect the reservation and choice of location in Hall P, where we plan to place exhibits of exhibitors of both fairs. The joint holding of the event in Hall P in February proved very successful and we will continue the same concept in August. In addition, we are preparing an unconventional version of sideline programme here.

Discounts for exhibitor packages

We have reduced the price for "all inclusive" participation for you by 10%; this applies to the Basic, Economy, Premium and Exclusive type packages. We have also prepared completely new types of expositions called SHOWROOM for STYL exhibitors. An entry in the expo catalogue is now twenty percent cheaper.

A word by the STYL and KABO director

"We hope that retail sales will restart to the satisfaction of all participating companies and that cash flow will be straightened and accelerated soon. We are in close touch with our exhibitors and we are very pleased that many of them are counting on their participation in August. Above all, however, we hope that all our business partners have avoided the infection and are in good health, because that is really what matters most.”

Date: 27 May 2020 13:16:00