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The OILILY fashion brand was established in 1963 in response to clients' desire to create creative clothing and accessories for everyone who loves quality and modern, original and interesting fashion. OILILY offers a wide collection of women's and children's clothing, bags and cosmetics. It has been operating on the domestic market for 15 years.

The OILILY collection provides free style clothing and accessories for confident women of all ages and also for energy-filled children with imagination. The main principle of OILILY is to see the world through children's eyes. That is why fashion is full of various colors, shapes, stripes and is intended for everyone who likes originality and likes to express themselves through a distinctive style of dress. For children, you can get from T-shirts, skirts, panties, fashionable jeans, camisoles, sweatshirts to imaginative raincoats.

All in cheerful, playful colors with patterns, patches, buttons and other interesting decorations. Women's fashion in the current collection offers dresses, blouses, pants, vests, bags in light pastel colors, most often with spring floral decorations. You can also choose from OILILY cosmetics from eau de toilette, perfume, body lotions to moisturizers, shower gels and lipsticks.

You can recognize handbags and travel bags from a distance

You will recognize the OILILY handbag in the crowd at first sight. Very unusual, colorful, richly decorated, with colorful details. Sportier shapes, animal or, for example, floral motifs with birds, violets. A mix of colors and materials, looking childish on the one hand, but cheerful and original on the other.

OILILY handbags are one big collage, the main goal of fashion designers of OILILY handbags is to attract attention. They are not afraid of anything and combine the seemingly uncombinable. However, OILILY can also be elegant, you can buy classic tasteful glossy black or, for example, red shoulder bags, which you will especially appreciate on work occasions.

In addition to handbag design, OILILY also offers travel bags and suitcases. Suitcases and large handbags are spatially suitable for universal travel, they can fit everything you need and as a bonus you look great.

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oilily oilily


Date: 12 Jul 2021 14:10:00