REVIEWS - exhibitors and designers about STYL-KABO and F2D


TAMARIS, Iva MacháčkováTAMARIS, Iva Macháčková

This year's event was all right  for us because fewer competitors participated. We had something to do throughout the whole event. It was great that after a long time I met with business owners and we discussed the current situation. An event of this type is needed and I am glad it actually took place.

RYNISING Holding, SE (značky Scholl a Relife), Jan Stökl, jednatelRYNISING Holding, SE (značky Scholl a Relife), Jan Stökl, jednatel

I consider the STYL and KABO Business Days a good presentation of the brand. Thanks to our participation, we see it in the media and on the web, which is nice. However, due to the current situation, the movement of people around the hall is a little smaller than we expected. But customers whom we invited did come to see us. I really liked the Fashion2days project. I went to see the WERSO lingerie show, which was very well staged.

URBAN GROUP, Peter UrbanURBAN GROUP, Peter Urban

As the media began to discuss the coronavirus crisis again, we did not have high expectations of the event. In the end, however, it turned out well. We had tens of orders every day. As every year, also this year we have found enough new clients who are important to us in the long run.

Lagen, Svatoslav Žalůdek, jednatelLagen, Svatoslav Žalůdek, jednatel

A limited number of people came to us, but the first two days were satisfactory. We gained two new customers in Brno and Bratislava. Overall, we will evaluate our participation in the event later on retrospectively.

Casa Moda, Pavel TrněnýCasa Moda, Pavel Trněný

I have to admit that before the event started, specifically on Friday, I was a little worried about how it would turn out. But now I can say that I am really satisfied.

Marco Tozzi, Markéta Čaníková, Sales AgentMarco Tozzi, Markéta Čaníková, Sales Agent

The Marco Tozzi brand brought a collection to KABO that was new by 90 percent. We used new materials, shapes and soles. The collection is youthful and offers a balanced price-quality ratio. We are a German brand and our management is glad that something is happening. It wants to know what it looks like here and how people perceive it, because the trade fairs in Milan or Düsseldorf did not take place.

Modela, Pavla Polednová, předsedkyně družstvaModela, Pavla Polednová, předsedkyně družstva

On the first day I was surprised that a lot of regular customers came in. They order less, but I expected that because they have spring stocks left, which they now need to sell.

Hegler Fashion, Magdalena PetruželováHegler Fashion, Magdalena Petruželová

We are completely satisfied, we made more orders than ever before. Almost all of our customers came, I would say over 60 clients, and a lot of new clients arrived, who normally buy from our competitors, but those were not here this time. And I really don't know how else we could meet them at this time.

H&D, Monika HavlováH&D, Monika Havlová

To be honest, I originally thought I would skip this STYL because we cancelled our participation at all fairs in Germany. But customers started calling me to see if we would be here and they could come to us. And it turned out that I have better sales than this February. I'm excited about it, I hadn't expected that.

Iberius, Martin Palman, obchodní ředitelIberius, Martin Palman, obchodní ředitel

We rate this year very highly. Our stable customers came to see us. The best day for us was Saturday.

Sabatti, Pavlína ŠablaturováSabatti, Pavlína Šablaturová

Participating in the event made sense to us. We thought there would be nothing, but eventually our customers arrived during the weekend.

Level-Pro, Galina DobrovolskaLevel-Pro, Galina Dobrovolska

I appreciate that the fair took place in these conditions as well. It was very beneficial for us and we have received orders. Fashion shows were a great success, followed by a lot of people who were interested in our goods.

Otter Distribution, Adrian StanescuOtter Distribution, Adrian Stanescu

The weekend was good for us, Sunday was excellent. Mainly those customers whom we invited to the event came to see us.

CAPRICE, Marcela Maňáková, výhradní zástupce pro ČR a SKCAPRICE, Marcela Maňáková, výhradní zástupce pro ČR a SK

The event was, of course, influenced by the current situation. However, visitors did come to our stand. We had more people on Sunday, but more pairs of shoes were sold on Saturday.

Lerch bižuterie, Aleš LerchLerch bižuterie, Aleš Lerch

STYL is important to us mainly due to contact with more distant customers, mainly from Slovakia. We positively evaluate the Fashion2days project, which brings additional visitors to the exhibition centre. Our customers also like the period of Saturday to Monday, as most of them come on weekends.

Luděk Kellner, návrhář a hair stylista přehlídek Fashion2daysLuděk Kellner, návrhář a hair stylista přehlídek Fashion2days

I am glad that the event took place. Fashion needs to be shown live. I've been to STYL and KABO for eleven years now, so I'd be sorry if it were cancelled.

Pavel Jevula, návrhářPavel Jevula, návrhář

Fashion2days is an interesting concept. I consider it the zero year in which various flaws and issues are sorted. Although I can't say everything was 100% great, I am very glad that Trade Fairs Brno decided to give this event a go.

Petr Kalouda, návrhářPetr Kalouda, návrhář

A platform like Fashion2days was missing in Brno. There are a lot of projects for young designers, but nothing where people who have been in the business for a long time would meet. I also like the combination with the STYL and KABO Business Days.

Aleš Šeliga, návrhář značky alešbáryAleš Šeliga, návrhář značky alešbáry

I remember that there was a big section for designers at the expo. However, they created collections intended only for catwalks. At Fashion2days, designers were also given the opportunity to showcase the models they sell in their showrooms. I think that if this section expands, it will be a great enrichment both for designers and the whole event.


Date: 26 Aug 2020 20:00:00