Solight Holding - Thule Aion bags - if you want more for the currency

The Swedish brand Thule is the world leader and safely helps to transport everything you use in active life. Thule, these are design and stylish luggage, durable backpacks and bags or sophisticated covers for smartphones and tablets. Solight Holding now comes with a collection of Thule Aion bags for travelers. They are classic, clean, informal and built on a combination of adventure, journey and everyday use - in the spirit of the slogan More for less.

Most bags contain elements that are modular or multifunctional (the strap integrates with backpacks for the support lumbar belt). Thanks to recycled materials, less original materials are used to produce each product. The brand appeals to users who live according to the "one bag" philosophy and travel with one hand bag for simplicity (just follow one bag), easy mobility (easier maneuver in crowded areas or uneven terrain) and at the same time want to eliminate problems with checked bags.