STYL and KABO in a new outfit


With the upcoming autumn, we are here to bring you latest news about the next season. As you may have noticed recently, we decided to make some significant changes in the concept of both events for the upcoming 55th edition of STYL-KABO.

We will make your participation more effective

We decided to change the concept of both fairs with one goal - to make the participation of exhibitors and visitors at both fairs more effective so that both sides are satisfied with their participation. We have intensively consulted all our plans with most exhibitors and we would like to present you with the biggest news that will be valid starting next year, 2020.

What remains

The three days’ duration of the fairs remains as well as the b2b focus of both fairs. The events stick to the same established months, which  means that in 2020 the dates will be as follows:

  • 22 – 24  February
  • 22 – 24  August

What's new

Newly, Both STYL and KABO will completely occupy the most modern exhibition hall in the Brno Exhibition Centre – Hall P. Thanks to this change we can offer you, for example, better prices for participation in the fair. Visitors will have all the trendy collections clearly arranged in one place and they will not have to walk from one hall to another, which will be appreciated both in the winter as well as on hot summer days.  Take a look at the new layout of Hall P.

A single deadline

The deadline for the February edition is now only one date, 16 December 2019. You can apply for a new discounted price by this date.

New better prices

The price for renting the exhibition space is scaled according to size intervals:

Before deadline After deadline
Area up to 20 m2: CZK 1550/m2 CZK 1700/m2
Area from 21 to 40 21-40 m2: CZK 1450/m2 CZK 1600/m2
Area of 41+ m2: CZK 1350/m2 CZK 1500/m2

The 5% surcharge for a corner, head or island position of the stand, and the registration fee of CZK 2,500 remain the same. Prices for renting an exhibition space before the deadline are newly lower by 10-20% compared to current prices. Despite the deadline postponement until December, we recommend you not to hesitate to register and choose a new location in the newly arranged Hall P.

New branch structure

We have also modified the branch structure of both trade fairs. At STYL, prodiuctsare divided into women's fashion, men's fashion, denim and others. At KABO, for example, we have simplified the classification in the Shoes, Accessories categories. The new branch structure can also be found here.

We believe that the new fashion of both fairs will suit you and will bring even better quality background and better conditions for your trading.

Date: 14 Oct 2019 08:51:00