STYL and KABO Fashion Fairs Fulfil the Exhibitors´ Wish Shifting the date by 1 day to Saturday


As required by the exhibitors and representatives of sheltering branch associations ATOK and ČOKA, the 45th STYL and KABO fashion fairs shift their start by one day, the new date being 21st to 23rd February 2015 (Saturday-to-Monday).

Interviews held during the last edition of the fairs in August 2014 showed clear interest of exhibitors as well as ATOK and ČOKA sheltering associations in organizing the fairs in the days of Saturday-Sunday- Monday. The organizers carried out an Internet survey to that topic followed by additional interviews with exhibitors, resulting in the change of term from the existing Sunday-to-Tuesday to Saturday-to-Monday.

At both fairs´ recent editions, visitors concentrated mainly on Sunday as the only weekend day, which resulted in situations when exhibitors suffered from lack of time, place and personnel available to be able to satisfy their visitors´ interest in their collections. That is the reason why the aforementioned change has been done to enable the visitors choose one of the weekend days or Monday as a workday for their visit to the fair.

We believe that the new term will be a benefit both for exhibitors and visitors to STYL and KABO fairs

Date: 3 Dec 2014 13:57:00