STYL and KABO highlighted the trend of sustainability

STYL and KABO were held at the Brno Exhibition Centre from 19 to 21 February 2022. Professionals and traders from the textile and footwear industry confirmed that trade fairs are an important business tool for them. They particularly appreciated the opportunity to meet up with partners and customers. More than 226 brands presented their collections at the fair.

"Styl and Kabo opened the 2022 expo season at the Brno Exhibition Centre and confirmed their importance for exhibitors and visitors. At a time when many industries are facing a lack of innovative exhibits, it is great to see that the textile and footwear industries still have something to present. The course of the expo also confirmed the need for personal contact in supplier-purchaser relations, which has also been confirmed by the number of exhibitors in the long run. The opportunity to experience new products with all senses is irreplaceable and I believe that the August edition of both unique fairs will allow visitors to have such an experience already in the purely post-covid era", concludes Tomáš Moravec, CEO of BVV Trade Fairs Brno, at the end of the three-day fashion, footwear and leatherwear expo.

During their existence, the STYL and KABO fashion fairs have become an irreplaceable B2B marketing tool for domestic and foreign fashion. "Reaching not only end consumers but also business partners has always been one of the main principles of this expo. In the fashion industry, a personal B2B platform is truly important and irreplaceable," adds Gabriela Císařová, director of the fashion fairs, about the last session of the expo.

In Hall P, professional visitors were treated to the latest collections of clothing, fashion accessories, footwear and leather goods represented by over 100 exhibitors from 10 countries. Not only manufacturers and retailers from the Czech Republic, but also from Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Turkey, Hungary, Greece, Romania and Portugal came to Brno.

Three companies received the Žirafa certification

The Czech Footwear Association, which is the guarantor of a project entitled „Žirafa – zdravotně nezávadná obuv – bota pro Vaše dítě“ („Giraffe – Healthy Footwear – Shoes for Your Child"), handed this certification to three companies in February at KABO: HP Čechtín s.r.o., Konsorcium T+M s.r.o. and RAK spol. s r.o.

Jan Pivečka Foundation Award

At the KABO trade fair held in February, another year of the Jan Pivečka Foundation Award competition was announced, which has been organised since 2007 by the Jan Pivečka Foundation in cooperation with the Czech Footwear and Leather Association and BVV Trade Fairs Brno. It is attended by young designers of footwear and leather accessories. The winners of the competition announced in February 2022 will be awarded in August 2022 as part of the supporting programme of KABO in Brno.

Sustainability and natural materials

As in previous years, some exhibitors presented collections created from recycled and environmentally friendly materials. Manufacturing of these products respects the principles of the circular economy. The growing popularity of barefoot footwear was also obvious at the fair. Natural materials were represented for example by the company H & D: "We are transposing something that is a strong trend in linen into stronger, heavier materials of women's winter dresses. The dresses are timeless, suit many figures and it is crucial to capture the right cut," adds Monika Havlová, Sales Director of H & D. The Blue Shadow brand came to the fair with products made with a zero-waste philosophy, and Lamido also presented products made from natural materials. And those who would like something completely unique and still want to support the trend of the circular economy can order production from their own materials, for example denim from the company Personality. "Your favourite pair of jeans can be turned into a decent cap with a brim, called a baker's hat," say Mr & Mrs Duvnjak who stand behind the family company Personality.

STYL and KABO got back to their six-month frequency

February's STYL and KABO trade fairs were held six months after their last season in August. Exhibitors value positively the return to a regular cycle, as trade fair events play an irreplaceable role in their marketing mix. "I am really happy that STYL and KABO are taking place again. Our customers let us know during the covid break that they would like to see us again without having to travel halfway across the country to northern Bohemia," confirms the importance of Brno fashion fairs Jiřina Matoušová from the company WERSO.


What people said about the expo

Vlasta Mayerová, ČOKA

I appreciate the fact that there are now really nice designer stands, good exhibitors and a quality offer at the expo in February. It is important that there is still a place where a large number of companies from the industry can meet. Cheap downmarket sellers have disappeared. In terms of attendance, the weekend tends to be good, but Monday is traditionally a problem.

Ondřej Fotr, Fotr fashion

This is our fifteenth time at STYL and KABO. We came here for the first time after two years, previously we exhibited regularly. We didn't know what to expect from the participation, because a lot of people are financially exhausted. But we are pleasantly surprised by the turnout. Our customers have returned, and half of our orders are from new customers with whom there is a prospect of long-term cooperation. Originally, we only intended to come once a year, but after evaluating the turnout, we decided to come back again this August.

Jiřina Matoušová, WERSO

We are a Czech producer of luxury lingerie made of French materials and we come to the fair regularly. I am very happy that STYL and KABO are taking place again. Our customers let us know during the covid break that they would like to see us again without having to travel halfway across the country to northern Bohemia.

Pavel Trněný, Casa Moda

Casa Moda has been on the Czech market for fifteen years and we have been coming to Brno for the same amount of time. We have never missed the STYL fair. Our participation paid off last summer, which I was afraid of because of the lockdown. In the end, however, our participation was successful.

Markéta Čaníková, Marco Tozzi

Kabo is still an important platform for us, however, it bothers me that some of the bigger brands are in hotels and parasite on the fact that these fairs are taking place on the same dates. I would love to see even more footwear brands here. But what is very important for us is meeting each other. People from the industry meet and share their impressions, how they are doing, what they are selling. And there is that opportunity here, which is one of the reasons why we come to Kabo regularly.

Marcela Zábojníková, Caprice

I would be happy if Style and Kabo returned also to the model of fashion shows. While our buyers look forward to seeing us, they are always happy to add some variety to their business trip. It gets people excited and immediately the atmosphere is better. We're happy with Kabo. The turnout has been good for us, and we will definitely continue to attend this expo.

Zuzana Solanesová, Otter-Distribution

We come to Kabo regularly and it is important for us to be taken care of, both from a sales and marketing points of view. We believe that strengthening media support could keep a lot of exhibitors in Brno.