STYL-KABO will welcome brand new companies


The STYL and KABO international fairs boast a truly long tradition. In February 2020, the Brno Exhibition Centre is hosting their already 55th season, and those who remember will surely confirm that the events have maintained the prestige of contracting fairs primarily focused on B2B throughout their existence. Because fashion fairs, as well as fashion itself, have to keep pace with the times, they bring many innovations this year. Also thanks to them, tens of brand new companies signed up for the February expo.

New exhibitors from the Czech Republic and abroad

“At the moment, shortly before the fair, the exhibitors' interest in participating in KABO exceeded our expectations. We have about 17 brand new exhibitors at Kabo and 27 at Styl, mostly foreign companies, but some traditional Czech exhibitors have returned. There is more interest in the new KABO concept than we originally planned,” said the project director  Gabriela Císařová. “Thanks to the change in the concept, which included one common pavilion, we could also afford to accommodate exhibitors in terms of better pricing and other conditions for participation in the expo. Virtually everybody was happy about that, ”she added.

One giant hall will bring comfort to visitors

The STYL international fashion fair and the KABO international footwear and leatherwear fair will therefore occupy the entire most modern hall of the Brno Exhibition Centre – Hall P on 22-24 February. “Visitors will have all the trendy collections in one place, they do not have to move from one hall to another, which will be appreciated not only in winter, but certainly also on hot summer days,” explains the project director. The layout of exhibitors in the hall will be completely new, nothing will be left of the old displays. At both of the fairs, the branch structure has been also slightly modified. At STYL, there is a new division of the range into women's fashion, men's fashion, denim and others. At KABO, the inclusion in Shoes and Accessories has been simplified.

New topics for the programme, or "Welcome the Change"

In addition to the exhibitors' presentations, visitors will also enjoy the traditional supporting programme, involving a number of new partners and experts from the textile and footwear industry. The Programme Centre in Hall P will bring feature a number of interesting lectures and workshops. The top themes of STYL and KABO will include “TRENDS 2020 or Welcome the Change”, which will open up sensitive questions of seeking new values in the clothing industry after realizing its real impact on our planet. It will be lectured by Ellen Haeser from The Netherlands. One of the workshops will focus on unique codes, another one will look at the psychology of the customer versus the salesman. Do you know that label information can influence consumer behaviour? You can also find out about this at STYL/KABO.

Fashion shows, competitions and student works

Fashion shows are an inseparable part of the expo. The shows will be held in the same hall as the two fairs. Over the two days will be presented collections of such brands as ATELIER DONÁT, LEVEL-PRO, Moděva, SANU BABU or TRAMONTANA. At the expo, there will also be announced the winners of the competition "Giraffe" – health-safe children's shoes" and "Personality of the year 2019 in the textile and footwear industry'.

MODĚVA | STYL SHOW | February 2019 MODĚVA | STYL SHOW | February 2019
SANU BABU | STYL SHOW | February 2019 SANU BABU | STYL SHOW | February 2019
LEVEL-PRO | STYL SHOW | February 2019 LEVEL-PRO | STYL SHOW | February 2019
LEVEL-PRO | STYL SHOW | February 2019 LEVEL-PRO | STYL SHOW | February 2019
TRAMONTANA | STYL SHOW | February 2019 TRAMONTANA | STYL SHOW | February 2019

The supporting  programme will not be short of trend collections of exhibitors for the year 2020 at TREND FORUM, which will present mainly women's and children's fashion, leather goods and accessories. An interesting part will be WORKSHOP BIJOUX, which involves creative work with the company MORAVIAFLOR, a manufacturer of floral decorations. Samples from the works of students of vocational schools – SUPŠ Uherské Hradiště and FMK UTB Shoe Design Studio Zlín will be a great inspiration for everyone.

Date: 21 Feb 2020 21:00:00