Suppliers of fabrics and haberdashery together


Already a year ago, organisers of STYL decided to meet the growing interest in fabrics, haberdashery and other subcontracts required for the final production of clothing. This trend is related to the return of production of higher quality goods to Europe. Therefore, after several years, a section of linen, furnishings and equipment for the production of clothing was opened at the Brno Exhibition Centre in August 2013. Exhibitors were pleased with the participation and agreed to continue this special section always during the August fashion fairs.

This year’s return will present companies such as Tylex Letovice - Czech manufacturer of knitwear, special technical fabrics and curtains, who will present primarily luxury lace and tulle at the STYL fair. Velveta will also be among the exhibitors as Europe's leading manufacturer of cotton fabrics for clothing purposes, also providing special finishing on the supplied fabrics according to customer requirements. Using nanotechnology, they can provide fireproof, waterproof, antibacterial, anti-mite and other properties of fabrics.

The range of the company PEGA-VEL will be presented, focusing primarily on the production of textile goods, both for lingerie or clothing, and technical products, as well as elastic knitwear and elastic thread.

Members of the Clutex technical textiles cluster – companies such as STAP, ELAS and KOH-I-NOOR will present themselves. STRIMA CZECH will join the suppliers section with their range of sewing machines, special programmes and other equipment for textile production.

The STYL fair in August 2013 showed that Czech companies really have something to offer to customers. Who among manufacturers of linen or clothing is looking for good suppliers of materials, should not miss a visit to the textiles and haberdashery exhibition section. It will again include a trend forum with samples of fabrics and haberdashery for upcoming seasons.

Date: 1 Jul 2014 09:31:00