At STYL 2022 held in February, unique CityZen T-shirts are displayed; they do not show sweat stains, resist dirt, absorb moisture and reduce body odour. If you pour water on the face side, the liquid literally slides down. The reverse side behaves in the opposite way, soaking up the sweat and distributing it over a large area, which accelerates its evaporation.

The company H&D is presenting this year its latest collections for the summer and winter seasons.

The materials are dominated by linen and wool, the selection of cuts is perfect, including the popular “oversize“, which does not exactly copy the body shape. The winter collections are dominated by women's shirt-type coats and garments. The most popular colours include classic grey, white and navy blue, as well as a shade of khaki. A specific colour for the Czech market is the opposite of decent faded tones, namely a strong shade of raspberry.