We’re not a brand, we create stories, says Saray del Saz, a talented Spanish designer at the STYL trade fair


The talent from Madrid Saray del Saz came to Brno to introduce her unisex collection WELCOME TO UTOPIA. Her personal philosophy is that in fashion, there are no rules and no conventions. “When people buy one of my models, they are not buying just a piece of clothing – they are expressing their way of living. The lifestyle and uniqueness of each and every person is at the core of my work,” says Saray del Saz.

Your models are a part of the STYL SHOW exhibition, later you will be presenting them at the gala evening. How are you satisfied with the trade fair so far?
At the start, I was a little worried that having two exhibitions in one day would prove to be too stressful, but the organisers were very helpful, and especially the fitting was professional. Four people helped with dressing up the models, and the overall attitude of my colleagues was remarkably professional. Although there was somewhat of a language barrier, I felt that I was taken care of very nicely. On the whole, my impression from the first day is very positive, everything seems to be going fine.

You are here in Brno thanks to a victory in a competition of young designers that took place in Madrid. Can you tell us more about that?
That’s a very interesting story. When I was studying design, I got a very positive feedback on my fashion collection from my teachers and the school’s director. So I decided to take part in the regional round of a young designer’s competition in Madrid. I won the round and proceeded to battle it out with 19 designers from all around Spain in the national round. It was the first time I presented my work on a national level, and to my surprise, I won again. I had no idea what the first place prize was going to be, and even less so that a part of it was the opportunity to participate in an international fashion trade fair in the Czech Republic. That was a big surprise, I had never been to the Czech republic, I didn’t know how to correctly pronounce Brno, how to get there, what the people on the streets dressed like etc. In a way, it was a real adventure.


Have you prepared anything special for Brno?
I am a very alternative person, so in that spirit, my colleague and I worked very hard on the collection I decided to bring to Brno. I haven’t slept much in the last three months. This is my first big exhibition abroad, and I can already say that it is a valuable experience.

On your website it says: I don’t create a brand or pieces of clothing, I create stories. Can you expand on that a little bit?
My models are meant to be worn by those who want to get rid of conventions, by those who want change. People wear mass produced clothes, everyone looks more or less similar and doesn’t express their true self. Every person is different inside, so why be the same on the outside? How we dress should communicate our personality, it should not be a result of conforming to others.

How did you take up designing?
I come from a family completely untouched by fashion. But everyone supported me in pursuing my dream. First, I studied the more technical elements of making clothes and spent my time learning the trade. However, I became aware of the fact that I am talented in art as well, so I threw myself into the world of design and graduated as a designer.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Do you have any specific plans?
I will be happy no matter what’s going to come in my life. My main goal is to spread my philosophy and see that people share my vision and live by it. That is what’s more important to me. Of course, if I have the opportunity to create and present my work at prestigious exhibitions around the world, I will be delighted. I really enjoyed this weekend and I’m looking forward to the evening exhibition.

Date: 18 Feb 2018 13:15:00