Žirafa (i.e. Giraffe) is the most popular consumer quality symbol of children's footwear available in the Czech market. It is handed by the Czech Footwear and Leather Association. Today, Žirafa is firmly rooted in the government programme entitled "Czech Quality" aimed to promote and support quality products and services, and is also part of the National Quality Policy.

KABO is already a traditional space where new awards are handed to companies. The certification "Žirafa – Safe and Healthy Footwear – the Shoe for Your Kid" was received in Brno at the February KABO by these companies:

HP Čechtín s.r.o., a family company with almost 30 years‘ tradition

Konsorcium T+M s.r.o., a company from Blansko, which has become one of the leading suppliers of highly valued children's shoes, voluntarily certified in the Czech Republic.

RAK spol. s r.o., a Slovak manufacturer of children's home textile footwear