Seed Drills at TECHAGRO


TECHAGRO, SILVA REGINA, ANIMAL VETEX and BIOMASA belong among the three largest shows of this type in Europe. The representation of seed drills on display corresponds with their importance.

Lemken Czech, s.r.o. will present three machines in the Solitaire series at the trade fair; it will be Solitair 9/600 KA which can be combined with up to five types of soil-working machines, or it can be used independently. Another type will be the Compact-Solitair 9/600 KHD compact seeder with additional fertilisation where the main section for soil-working is the Heliodor disc harrow. Another type with rotary harrows on display will be Compact Solitair 9/400 Z10. All these highly effective machines meet the most stringent requirements of modern sowing both in mulch and in conventional sowing in coarse furrows. Their benefits are the OptiDisc parallelogramic double disc coulters (Solitair 9) or the maintenance-free OptiDisc double disc coulters (Compact - Solitair) with a rubber-coated copying wheel guaranteeing smooth work without clogging, good distribution of seed and precise depth control even at high speeds. Solitaire forms a good base for high yields.

In Hall G1 Kverneland Group Czech s.r.o. will be exhibiting their new seeder Kverneland U-drill. Kverneland U-drill is a seed drill for soil preparation and sowing in a single operation. The modular design ensures universal use in various conditions. A large seed hopper, two electrically powered drilling units, new coulters; working sections or complete automation of headland turning, all this is independently controlled from the tractor cabin.  “These are just some of the basic features of this drill which is fully ISO-Bus compatible and allows the use of Geocontrol for precision seeding,” explains Hynek Zíka, manager of the company, and adds: “We are looking forward to introducing the seeder in more detail at Techagro.”

Farmet a.s. will present, for example, new modules and combinations for the Falcon disc sowing machines. Thanks to its modularity the Falcon product line allows users to choose from various sowing technologies and a rapid change of the working section as needed. Falcon can be equipped with a single-chamber or double-chamber container with additional fertilisation option. In case of using pelleted fertilisers, the version with additional fertilisation can be equipped with a section with fertilisation discs. Another option is a 2-row section for soil loosening into the depth of 300 mm suitable for the the special strip tillage and seeding technology. The special STRIP section for strip tillage or precision seeding sections of wide-row crops (corn, sunflower, rapeseed) are other equipment options of the Falcon seeder. Another exhibit will be the Excelent Premium NS share seeding machine with robust construction ensuring long life. Also on display will be the Monsun series pneumatic sowing machines for sowing in narrow rows with additional fertilisation.

Vogel & Noot is going to introduce an innovation which has not yet been seen in the Czech Republic. It is their ProfiDrill A300, a new mechanical seeder in superstructure design. It is a machine with exceptional accuracy in sowing, with a range of three meters and a comfortable and safe operation. Naturally, there is a large large hopper, favourable centre of gravity, seed rollers, double disc coulters and pressure rollers.

At the Agrall booth visitors will be able to test the new control of Rapid and Tempo seeders using the iPad. This innovation will be introduced by Väderstad. It is an application enabling an easier control of Rapid A 400-800 Tempo F 6-8 seeders. Farmers have a unique opportunity to set up and control the Rapid A or Tempo machine using a wireless connection and an easy-to-use E-Control application for iPad. Its user-friendly user interface and icons help to ease the machine operation. iPad can be inserted into an “E-holder” which is provided with a total of eight buttons controlling the most frequently used functions on the drill. The sturdy handle with buttons is an excellent accessory for the touch screen which again simplifies the the work of the drill. When using a combination of ISOBUS and iPad systems it is possible to view even more information at once.

Date: 13 Jan 2014 08:52:00