Grand Prix will be competed for again at the TECHAGRO fair


The greatest agrarian event held this year, the international fairs TECHAGRO, ANIMAL VETEX, SILVA REGINA and BIOMASS, will be ceremonially opened on 30th March. Until 3rd April, the Brno exhibition centre will host the state-of-the-art agricultural machines and equipment as well as forest equipment, game-keeping presentations, technologies for livestock production and technologies for renewable resources energy use.

Traditionally, the official fair opening will include a ceremony  - presentation of Grand Prix awards for the best fair exhibits. In 2012, over one hundred products entered the competition and the promoters expect a similar interest this year, too. „In 2012, nine awards were presented along with one extraordinary prize,“ said the project manager, Jan Kuběna, „all firms receiving this award will be here again this year.“

The Grand Prix competition is intended for the top-ranking exhibits and the awards entail several interesting benefits. First and foremost, the nominated and award-winning exhibits are clearly marked so right  at the exhibition stands thus making it possible to draw attention to their success from the very first fair day. Immediately after the award presentation, the information also appears on the website of Techagra and later in the printed matter of the media partner – Profi Press publishing house. The Grand Prix awards have become most prestigious over their existence and therefore the award-winning companies can use them as an efficient business tool that can be effectively used in their marketing mix.

Compared to 2012, the articles of the competition have been amended based on the suggestions made by the exhibitors and the subsequent agreement within the agrarian fair preparation committee – in order to increase the objectiveness, the evaluation committee has been enriched by more experts from abroad, on third of the existing committee members has been replaced, the exhibit presentation at the exhibition stand will only be required in questionable cases  and the installation time has been extended to two days. The entry form has been supplemented by the Specification of advantages compared to the competitors. However, the most important information for the entrants is the deadline for entries in the competition being 28th February 2014.

Date: 10 Jan 2014 08:19:00