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New combined laser cutting machine – HS-G3015E-6022Q

Today, we are pleased to present your new type of professional combined laser cutting machine, which is the automatic centering of materials in the chuck with great precision and speed, as well as their versatility in terms of shapes and sizes of input materials.

We can work:

  • Sheets of size from 3 x 1.5 to 6 x 2 meters, with a thickness up to 25 mm
  • Round tubes of 6 meters in length and up to 210 mm in diameter
  • 6-meter lengths and 160 x 160 mm edges
  • L-profile length 6 meters and edge dimension 100 x 100 mm
  • Material fixing in the rotary unit is pneumatic, including auxiliary lifts
  • Expansion of input material up to 325 mm (Model 6035Q)

This combined machine has confirmed and consolidated its reputation for Europe‘s best-selling laser beam processing equipment.

Covered 3-axis gantry milling machine with automated tool changing

Machining center for flat materials. This is the top model in our 3-axis machining offer. The whole machine excels in its construction, which is designed to achieve the highest machining efficiency. The powerful vacuum table in combination with the Sinumerik control system and the HSD precision spindle is a guaranteed tool for success.

Three-axis gantry milling machine with fixed table, vibration cutter and camera

This is a novelty for 2018. The machine combines a classical gantry milling machine with a camera system, a vibration cutter and a high-speed spindle. The machine achieves top parameters in machining non-metallic materials and non-ferrous metals for example for promotional production.