MSV Gold Medals go to six innovative exhibits

Two ministers wished this year success during the traditional MSV social evening. At the same time, the MSV Gold Medals were ceremoniously awarded to six exhibits and personalities in the industry, and a special award was handed by the CEO of BVV Trade Fairs Brno.

Two ministers wished this year success during the traditional MSV social evening. At the same time, the MSV Gold Medals were ceremoniously awarded to six exhibits and personalities in the industry, and a special award was handed by the CEO of BVV Trade Fairs Brno.

The meeting of exhibitors at the end of the first day of the expo has always been an intrinsic part of MSV. Jiří Kuliš, CEO of BVV Trade Fairs Brno, once again welcomed everyone at the beginning of the evening. He thanked especially all the exhibitors who were not afraid to participate in this non-standard time of the expo. He expressed special thanks to the attending representatives of remote countries, such as Indonesia, for whom the trip to this year's MSV was even more difficult than ever. He also thanked the organizing team of MSV and all the people from the exhibiting companies who had to prepare their exhibitions in a very short time.

This was followed by a brief address by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Industry and Trade and Minister of Transport Karel Havlíček. "I am truly happy that we have all managed to make another season of MSV come true. There was a one-year break, it was challenging, but I am extremely pleased that the peak of the industrial season in Central Europe will be in Brno again. We have all been through a difficult period and I am glad that we have managed to protect the industry without closing it," he said.

The International Engineering Fair has become an important part of economic diplomacy, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic has also cooperated on its preparation. That is why the Minister of Foreign Affairs Jakub Kulhánek also spoke at the opening evening. "I am greatly pleased that our ministry is part of a joint national exposition, where state institutions represent all the support and tools they offer to our exporters, and which allow us to support our industry and entrepreneurs abroad. It is a beautiful example of the fact that economic diplomacy is not a matter for one department," he said, emphasizing that he considers economic diplomacy to be a very important part of the work of a Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The speech delivered by the president of the Confederation of Industry and Transport, Jaroslav Hanák, who traditionally paid tribute to Czech entrepreneurs, was traditionally brief. "At the 62nd MSV, there are 1,016 companies, one company better than the other. The Czech Republic is able to move on in competitiveness, and it is to your credit. I went through the whole expo, and I appreciate what I saw," he said to the attending exhibitors.

This was followed by the announcement of the results of the MSV 2021 Gold Medal competition and the award ceremony for the most innovative exhibits.

The MSV 2021 Gold Medal in the Production Machine Innovation category was awarded to Slovácké strojírny, a. s., for its BUD 100/7000 MULTI multifunctional cylindrical grinder. The jury appreciated the innovative solution of automatic temperature compensation geometry and comprehensive monitoring of operating conditions.

In the category of Innovation in Automation Technology and Industry 4.0 the award went to Misan, s.r.o., for its Okuma Armroid exhibit. The jury appreciated the system integration of automation technology into the production machine, which enables efficient handling in the machine's workspace during piece production.

Stoba & Optisolutions with the exhibit also received awards in the same category. It is an automatic inspection system using artificial intelligence for flexible production. is an electromagnetic conveyor that levitates parts in all directions and allows rotation around the vertical axis.

In the Innovation of Components in Mechanical Engineering category, the jury awarded the company 4dot Mechatronic Systems s. r. o. for its unique design of the 4dot SM transformation sensor.   This precise and durable transformation sensor for forming and heavy industry allows measurements in the immediate vicinity of the working part of the machine. The sensor can be used, for example, in technological monitoring or in measuring forces in machining, mining and the railway industry.

The winner in the Innovation in Transport and Logistics category was Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG with its XPlanar exhibit. It is a new type of drive that significantly simplifies the design of machines and increases their flexibility. XPlanar can also replace robots or other complex devices because it uses touchless motion. This eliminates mechanical wear and contamination.

Brno University of Technology – Faculty of Mechanical

Engineering – succeeded in the category of Innovation in Manufacturing Technology. Its award-winning CaviPlasma equipment for disinfection and treatment of liquids uses hydrodynamic cavitation and plasma discharge. CaviPlasma is able remove residual chemicals from water, such as estrogen from contraception, and also kill pathogenic microorganisms such as cyanobacteria and bacteria in general.

Since 2006, Gold Medals have also been awarded to important personalities at the start of the MSV. The MSV 2021 Gold Medal for Lifetime Creative Technical Work and Innovative Achievements went to Professor Štefan Kassay. This prominent Slovak scientist, university professor, entrepreneur, manager and innovator personally accepted the award and sent his thanks to his own teachers and masters.

The Swiss company Alfleth Engineering AG received a special award from the CEO of Veletrhy Brno for being one of MSV's most loyal exhibitors. It launched its operations in the markets of Central Europe in 1996 and has been participating in MSV ever since for 25 consecutive years.