What is the issue of Smart Cities

In general, the issue of Smart Cities concerns the introduction of innovations and new discoveries into the practice of local governments, whether in the field of technology, processes or knowledge. The main goals are to improve the quality of life in a given self-government or area formed by surrounding self-governments (eg metropolitan areas). This includes addressing global challenges, effective management, digitization and process optimization, including user access.

The Smart Cities issue has a broad concept and does not form a special "box", for example, between transport and the environment, but is the so-called umbrella over all city issues. It uses a comprehensive view of the issue across all areas of local government - complexity and interconnectivity of individual systems - interoperability.

Who cares about Smart Cities

The English name may evoke that this issue only affects cities, the opposite is true. Smart Cities therefore affects municipalities, cities, associations of municipalities and cities or metropolitan areas, regions or states and organizations established and owned by them. It is therefore not necessary to look for a new label, as it can be recorded from time to time.