Preliminary Final Report

Negative news about the economic development remained outside the gates of the Brno Exhibition Centre. The number of exhibiting companies increased by 17 percent to 1873, which is the best result since 2008. Companies came from 32 countries and the share of foreign participants exceeded 50 percent for the first time. Participation from countries with rapidly growing economies in the BRIC group was quite extraordinary.

Negative news about the economic development remained outside the gates of the Brno Exhibition Centre. The number of exhibiting companies increased by 17 percent to 1873, which is the best result since 2008. Companies came from 32 countries and the share of foreign participants exceeded 50 percent for the first time. Participation from countries with rapidly growing economies in the BRIC group was quite extraordinary. Compared with last year, the occupied exhibition area increased by 8 percent and approximately every second exhibition presented technological innovations, often on world-class level. During the first four days of the Fair, 70,000 visitors from 50 countries walked through it and total attendance is expected to reach the level of last year.

The International Engineering Fair was at the head of a whole complex of specialized fairs with engineering and technological focus, which included IMT International Trade Fair for Machine Tools, FOND-EX International Foundry Fair, WELDING International Welding Engineering Fair, PLASTEX International Fair of Plastics, Rubber and Composites and PROFINTECH International Technology Fair for Surface Technology. A highlighted theme consisted of a biennial AUTOMATION project - measuring, control, automation and regulation technology. The offer was complemented by INTERPROTEC International Trade Health and Safety Fair.

The best exhibits fought for the prestigious MSV Gold Medals. A committee granted five main awards, presented to Mesing, Vítkovice Power Engineering, Carl Zeiss, Kuličkové šrouby Kuřim and Olympus. Honourable Mentions went to Blumenbecker Prag, Vítkovice Mechanika, VÚTS, LAC, Arburg, Siemens, Tajmac-ZPS and AGI.

India was declared Partner country of MSV 2012, it was represented at the fair by 135 companies from various engineering and industrial fields. The importance of the India Show project was emphasized by a visit of an Indian delegation led by Minister of Commerce and Industry Mr. Anand Sharma. Several memoranda of understanding on mutual cooperation were signed during the fair, a number of formal and informal meetings have taken place and their participants agreed that the India Show at Engineering Fair contributed significantly to the development of business contacts between the two countries.

Russia was the guest of honour of this year’s fair, with the participation of 90 companies. The fair was attended by many VIP guests headed by the President and Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, the Minister of Indian Government, Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry of the U.S. and others. Foreign delegations arrived from Russia, Belarus, China, Brazil, USA, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland and other countries. The international dimension of the fair was also confirmed by fifteen official stands of various foreign countries.

The supporting programme was also extremely extensive –there were over fifty international conferences, seminars and workshops taking place during the five days. The key topics included opportunities for energy savings, industrial automation and cooperation in science and research. Events to promote foreign trade newly focused also on distant territories such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Libya. This year's fair also included a one-day job fair, the JobFair MSV, which was attended by twenty major employers.

Quotes about the fair

Václav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic
The Brno Trade Fair is one of the most important events which are held in our country every year and all of us are certainly pleased that it still manages to maintain a position of a leading European industrial trade fair This is illustrated by the composition of exhibitors – nearly 50 % of them came from abroad this year – and there is traditionally a broad public interest. Brno became an important trade fair centre of Europe thanks to this show. I feel that inviting India as a partner country of this year’s edition was a good step. We have to turn where the economy works well.

Anand Sharma, Minister of Commerce and Industry of India
We are glad that we are the partner country of the 54th International Engineering Fair, where a large number of Indian companies are presented – exactly 135 of them – which shows the great interest of Indian industry in cooperating with your industry. The Czech Republic has been historically very strong in engineering, not only at this time, but for over two centuries. And you are the gateway to Central Europe for us. It is in our common interest to use the India Show to deepen our economic relations.

Grigoryi Kalamanov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
If we can manage to modernize our production with a Czech partner, and this applies not only to heavy industry but also the chemical industry and other industries, then it will be a positive outcome of this exhibition for me. We want to get our relationship to a qualitatively new level. On the one hand, we learn from our Czech colleagues, on the other hand we are trying to create joint projects. Import and modernization is only the first step. The next steps are joint ventures and production. Not everywhere and not always can we boast that our turnover is not just trade in raw materials, but also engineering and mechanical production. I view it as very positive and I see very good prospects for the future.

Michael Camuñez, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the United States of America
I went through the pavilions of the exhibition centre and the I got a great feeling from the visit. I am glad that the fair provided space for meetings with representatives of the Czech government, where we could discuss deepening cooperation between our two parties.

Vitalyi Prima, Deputy Minister of Industry of Belarus
It is my first time in Brno and in the Czech Republic, I will be taking very good impressions home with me. I must say that you have a perfect trade fair grounds here and a large number of fair participants show its strength and great significance not only for the Czech Republic, but for the world. Belarus knows about this fair and participates virtually every year. Our stand represents companies from the fields of engineering and metallurgy. We like the exhibition centre, organization of the fair and a large number of firms, thus we will be happy to participate again in the future.

Jiří Karas, Director of Sales, Siemens
This is the 54th MSV and Siemens has always been there. We have our partners at the fair, machine tool manufacturers, who exhibit machines equipped with our control systems. There is a striking vividness this year. Is shows at first glance by the larger number of exhibitors and large quantity of accompanying activities. Even our partners who had not been here for some years arrived. So, the current trend is clearly positive and follows the development of our industry as a whole.

Pavel Šafránek, Chairman of the Board, Kuličkové šrouby Kuřim
We are introducing a new ball screw at the fair that will help manufacturers of metalworking machines and specifically grinders help to run smoother and improve their positioning accuracy. I greatly appreciate the Gold Medal which we received for this product. It is mainly the evaluation of our development engineers and the whole company, which was involved in the production of a prototype. It will certainly help us in marketing and visibility among the general competition. But most of all I would be very pleased if customers perceived us as a company that focuses on innovations and responds to current requirements.

Peter Ivánka, chief executive, AGI
We entered the competition with a cassette system and a personal 3D fabbster printer, which allows you to "print" three-dimensional plastic products, specifically ABS. It is a very hard material, which is suitable both for hobby crafts and professional production. We were very pleasantly surprised by the honourable mention that we had received as well as visitor acclaim which the award caused. The interest was unexpectedly great, especially in the openness of the system and a possibility to continue in new options.

Jiří Crhák, chief executive, LAC
Recently, we have been focusing on the market of aluminium foundries and non-ferrous metals. After three years of research in this area, we have developed a special holding furnace for aluminum alloy, which helps the customer achieve huge savings in the operation of this device. There is great interest in this product at the fair, also thanks to the honourable mention, which it was awarded, and we think that this year's fair will be one of the most successful in history for us. It is our 20th year that we exhibit, we started in 1992 and have never missed once since then.

Karel Tillinger, head of department, Carl Zeiss
We are glad that we are at the Brno trade fair, because we see great interest from customers just like last year, now even enhanced by the gold medal. We are glad that we can exhibit an interesting technology in the field of automation technology, i.e. A device that uses a unique sensor head, which combines the advantages of accurate measurement with central sensing heads. For the first time in history of measuring machines we have succeeded to develop a probe that allows a measurement with long sensors while they are being rotated. Overall, our presence at the fair is very positive and beneficial in my view.

Gunnar Löfstrand, owner, HCT Sweden
I am very satisfied with the fair in Brno. Other Swedish exhibitors, my colleagues, have expressed it similarly. We had a high visitor rate at our stand, we were addressed by your companies that are interested in cooperation with Swedish companies. Based on the good experience it is our second time in Brno. We introduced a new project, a truck load, and we gained many new contacts.

Luděk Čekal, Head of device unit, Kuboušek
This year's fair really turned out well. Our stand was always full of potential customers, from morning till night. We made many new contacts, ten of them will transform into business by the end of this year. We also held business meetings with our sales and marketing technicians and business colleagues in Brno. The company is very satisfied with its participation in the fair.

Jan Viktorin, chief executive, Rmute Franken
We are the largest supplier of technology for the production of threads in the world. The fair was of great benefit for us. It is a good presentation before our end customers. Every day, our exhibition was visited by more than 200 customers. Brno of course serves us for meetings with our business partners, this year we held a straight hundred of them. It is a pity that currently it has become a kind of fashion in enterprises not letting staff to visit the engineering fair. Many colleagues who wanted to come to the fair and watch the engineering feast had to take a holiday.

During the first four days, 415 media representatives from eight countries accredited at the Press Centre. Sixty-eight foreign journalists came from Italy, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Austria, Russia and Slovakia.

The 55th International Engineering Fair will take place
from 7 - 11 October 2013.

On 10 – 13 September 2013, EUROTRANS, a premiere International Transport Fair will be held in Brno.