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Precise, practically dust-free and versatile


MAFELL insulation saw system DSS 300 cc
MAFELL has unveiled a globally unprecedented solution for executing precise cuts by hand in soft 300 mm (11 13/16 inch) pressure-resistant wood fiber insulating board. The cutting wire of the versatile insulation saw DSS 300 cc enables the operator to cut boards accurately with the aid of a track or freehand. Integrated in a well-conceived system that includes a powerful dust extractor and portable bench, the saw facilitates the practically dust-free, safe and efficient cutting of insulating boards.

The new MAFELL insulation saw system DSS 300 cc solves the problem of cutting soft 300 mm pressure-resistant wood fiber insulating board with high precision.

Insulating boards, especially if they are thick, are difficult to cut accurately with conventional handsaws, portable bandsaws, chain saws, circular saws, serrated knives or even special sawing systems, especially when working on scaffolding or a roof.
A lack of precision when cutting inevitably results in thermal bridges and can ultimately give rise to condensation, moisture ingress and even mold. The combination of intelligent solutions, including the unique cutting wire, rigid carbon guide fin and bench enables the operator, even when working on scaffolding, to cut boards with such accuracy and quality that thermal bridges and the subsequent filling of gaps are ruled out.

MAFELL has developed unprecedented technology for its insulation saw DSS 300 cc. The wire, with 23 beads, is produced from a special heat-treated steel that reduces wear and offers a very long service life. Alongside precision, this innovation facilitates freehand cutting in any direction in an uninterrupted operation, and therefore allows cut-outs to be produced with neat corners.
Freehand wire sawing in any direction

Precise, practically dust-free and versatile – the new MAFELL insulation saw system DSS 300 cc.

Cut-outs are typically required when fitting skylights, dormers and chimneys. Any other shape is likewise easy to cut, for example to accommodate purlins, rafters or pipes. For such purposes, the insulation saw tilts up to 60° to the side and 45° to the rear.
Manufactured from a special carbon that is 60 % more rigid than conventional steel, the guide fin ensures exact and square cutting performance.

Until now, the cutting of wood fiber insulating board has been associated not only with a lot of dust, but also with large quantities of wood fiber chips, which are generally difficult to contain efficiently by vacuum extraction. The new MAFELL insulation saw is connected to the powerful MAFELL extractor S 200, which features two rugged handles, so that it can be hoisted onto scaffolding by crane if required. It significantly reduces both the incidence of dust and the free volume of fibers. Furthermore, pulsing technology and a generous capacity of 200 l allow almost continuous operation of the saw. The dust and wood fibers are collected in a reusable bag.

The MAFELL insulation saw system DSS 300 cc allows exact bevel cutting up to 60°.

Better results thanks to low weight and workbench
Ease of handling when working on a construction site or scaffold was a major criterion for the design engineers. The use of lightweight materials, such as magnesium die-castings and carbon, kept the weight down to 8.2 kg (18,1 lbs).

In addition, the ST 1700 Vario bench enables the operator to cut complex shapes accurately even in the restricted space available on scaffolding. To give access to the full versatility of the multi-purpose bench and save both cutting time and costs, it can also be hoisted onto the scaffold by crane. For transportation, its aluminum legs and supports are securely stowed inside the body of the bench. The sturdy tubular legs and various supporting and holding elements allow cuts to be made precisely, safely and quickly – including miter and compound miter cuts.

The MAFELL insulation saw system DSS 300 cc can produce window openings quickly and accurately.

With a height of 70 cm (27 9/16 inch), the bench also fosters good ergonomics and safe working practices. The supporting and holding elements are inserted into the legs and held fast in the perforated grid of the bench body. Two people were previously needed to cut large insulating boards, but thanks to the versatile attachments now the job can be performed by just a single operator.

Further clever solutions, including the F-Fix retaining system for quickly fastening the guide track to the insulating material, and the fixture for attaching to the S 200 extractor and scaffolding, make it easier to produce accurate cuts safely when operating the machine off the ground.

For ripping, cross-cutting and freehand use – the unique cutting wire enables the MAFELL insulation saw system DSS 300 cc to cut in any direction.

Date: 24 Oct 2017 14:30:00