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International Fair for Wood Processing and Furniture Industry

WOOD-TEC 2013: Each specialist fair is specific in its own way


In October, the Brno Exhibition Centre will hold again, after two years, one of the largest wood processing fairs not only in the Czech Republic, but also within the new space defined by the European Union - WOOD-TEC. The preparation of the trade fair is in full swing and the exhibitors as well as visitors can look forward to this “feast for wood lovers”. Over its existence, the trade fair has established its steady position and tradition in the field of wood and wood processing industries. We asked Mr. Miloň Mlčák, newly appointed trade fair manager, about the progress of the preparation, current situation, news, plans and objectives.

This year, the WOOD-TEC fair has become a ”newcomer“ in your trade fair portfolio that you are in charge of. Is there a difference in how the individual fairs are prepared?
Of course, in preparing the fairs, some procedures are identical and clearly defined. This mainly covers the preparation of internal supporting documents and processes. On the other hand, each fair has its specific features, which are defined by the relevant field and, as a result, we are in contact with various customers, business partners and professional institutions, associations and media. All this is reflected in completely different approaches to the specific exhibitors and visitors, different way of communicating, cooperation and relationship building. A different business approach, strategy, contacting and communication is chosen for a client who intends to take part in a tourism fair and  another approach is used to approach an exhibitor at a wood processing fair. This is what makes our work very exciting and interesting and requiring a great degree of empathy and creativity.

How do you perceive the present preparation for the WOOD-TEC fair? Have you been pleasantly surprised by anything?
Currently, we are at the stage of finalising the participation of key partners at the fair. The trade fair promotion in specialist media is in full swing.  I am pleased to see that the businesses and firms operating in the wood industry are in favour of participating in this year‘s event, too. It reflects the traditionally good business relationships and satisfaction with the quality of last years‘ trade fairs. This comes to show that the partners are used to being straightforward and having a clear idea of the marketing strategy.

Is your understanding such that you need to have an insight into every trade fair field you organise? What do you need to know about the relevant sectors?
Over my engagement with BVV Trade Fairs Brno I have been a part of the team preparing a number of fairs focusing on various fields and I am of the opinion that if someone is in charge of  such a specialist fair it is necessary to know at least basic information about the relevant field. Here we like to say that the trade fair is a mirror of the relevant sectors as the success of the sector is reflected in the trade fair. To me, WOOD-TEC is a new fair and therefore my task is to get the maximum information about the market, businesses and companies, unions and  institutions so that you can efficiently respond to the requirements of our clients. The trade fair is a tool to encourage trade, build business relationships, corporate image and help establish new business contacts. 

Where do you get the necessary information from?
As I have mentioned, first and foremost from our key business partners, unions and   associations and, last but not least, from the exhibitors. Although WOOD-TEC is a trade fair taking place once in two years, we always try to communicate with our exhibitors during the year when the fair is not held. This gives us relative time and opportunity to question our exhibitors individually or collectively, and get their feedback on their participation at the last fair as well as information about the development in the relevant sector and new trends.   

What is the current situation in the wood processing market?
The current situation develops differently from one sector to another. Investments in the purchase of machines and tools slowly but surely start picking up and, as a result, mechanical engineering and tool-making businesses have recorded a rise in the number of orders compared to 2011. On the contrary, information provided by small and medium sized sawmills whose business fully depends on building industry and construction indicates a rather negative trend.  

Can we expect that this will be reflected in this year‘s fair?
Definitely yes, both in terms of the size of the fair as well as the thematic focus of the supporting programme. For the time being, it is too early to draw any conclusions. More specific information will be available as of the official deadline for registration (31st May 2013).  

Date: 31 Jan 2013 08:51:00