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International Fair for Wood Processing and Furniture Industry

"WOOD-TEC in Brno is definitely the highlight of this year,"

says Mr. Tomáš Vystyd,  Felder-Group CZ executive

In October this year, the company Felder Group is, besides other things, going to present itself at the international wood industry fair, WOOD-TEC, in Brno. We asked Mr. Tomáš Vystyd, executive, about what he expects from the participation at the fair, about the objectives of the company for this year and about its business standing.  

What is the current situation in the wood-processing machine and equipment market?
You will most likely hear similar things from other exhibitors, and other sectors, too.
The keen competition results in the customers pushing to reduce the prices while ensuring the best possible quality of products and provided services. At the end of the day, this chase for the lowest possible price does not bring any benefits for the supplier, nor the consumer. The relationships are tenser.
However, our customers can appreciate our quality, commitment, reliability and facilities offered by renowned manufacturer.

Can we expect any major change in this economic situation in the coming period? Is it more of a progressive or degressive nature?
A major change would be a great surprise to me, if I disregard such a change as a result of  e.g., natural or social disaster. I would like to express my feeling that the situation is slowly picking up. For example, our January results from this year in Slovakia are more than good compared to the previous years. And including the outlooks for the coming months. Even the turnover and the number of machines sold in the Czech Republic in January is satisfactory.

How do you see the year 2012 in business terms?
I do not want to keep repeating the resounding sentence that good times are gone. Yes, they are gone, in the past almost everyone experienced at least a slump in the turnover or profit, or a general downturn. But we simply cannot change the history, we need to look ahead in a positive way.  To live and grapple with what is happening around us and do our best. It is not easy, but let us stop complaining, let us do whatever we can and let us do it in the best way.

What are the targets set by your company for this year?
Simple answer- do better than in 2012. This is the only way to move forward a bit again. We will probably increase the number of sales representatives in the Czech and Slovak Republics, this is where we expect a rising turnover and profit, higher sales.

Do you intend to participate in specialist fairs this year? Which specifically?
In February, we exhibit at LIGNA BOHEMIA in Lysá n. Labem, in May at HOBBY in České Budějovice, in April and November we organise open house days in our shops and the highlight of the year is definitely WOOD-TEC in Brno. One of the most important trade fairs in Central and partly also Eastern Europe.

What do you expect from your participation at WOOD-TEC?
:-) This is a nice question, easy answer. All I can say is that we expect, as a minimum, orders of machines totalling tens of pieces. Of course, we want to enhance our prestige in the Czech and Slovak markets.  We want to reassure the professionals that we rank amongst the best and largest global suppliers of wood-processing machines, suppliers with a long tradition offering a wide range of products and high quality facilities.

What can the professionals look forward to? Do you plan to introduce some innovations?
Innovations? Definitely! Besides other things, a new type series of surfacers and thicknessers and new types of CNC wood-working centres. But due to their presentation at the largest global trade fair, LIGNA Hannover, I cannot give you much detail.

Date: 11 Feb 2013 11:09:00